Interface AreaGenerationLibrary.LayoutManager

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractLayout, ApartmentLayout, BoxCityLayout, BoxCitySquareLayout, CrossLayout, GridCityLayout, MazeLayout, TreeLayout
Enclosing interface:

public static interface AreaGenerationLibrary.LayoutManager

Area generators work by first laying out a set of rooms into a configuration called a Layout. Layouts are scalable configurations that can handle any size, or originating direction of entry. A Layout Manager then, is an algorithm for generating the room set given a size and initial direction. Each Layout Manager then generates a layout of rooms according to its kind.

Method Summary
 java.util.List<AreaGenerationLibrary.LayoutNode> generate(int num, int dir)
          Generates a list of layout nodes, each of which reprents a single room in the area.
 java.lang.String name()
          The name of the layout manager

Method Detail


java.lang.String name()
The name of the layout manager

name of the layout manager


java.util.List<AreaGenerationLibrary.LayoutNode> generate(int num,
                                                          int dir)
Generates a list of layout nodes, each of which reprents a single room in the area. The first node is always the entry room, which is entered from the direction given to this method.

num - the number of nodes to generate
dir - the direction of entry into this group of nodes.
a list of layout nodes
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