Interface CMLibrary

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, CMObject, java.lang.Comparable<CMObject>
All Known Subinterfaces:
AbilityComponents, AbilityMapper, AbilityParameters, AchievementLibrary, AreaGenerationLibrary, AutoTitlesLibrary, CatalogLibrary, ChannelsLibrary, CharCreationLibrary, ClanManager, CMFlagLibrary, CMMiscUtils, ColorLibrary, CombatLibrary, CommonCommands, DatabaseEngine, DiceLibrary, EnglishParsing, ExpertiseLibrary, ExpLevelLibrary, FactionManager, GenericBuilder, GenericEditor, HelpLibrary, I3Interface, ItemBalanceLibrary, JournalsLibrary, LanguageLibrary, LegalLibrary, ListingLibrary, MaskingLibrary, MaterialLibrary, MoneyLibrary, PlayerLibrary, PollManager, ProtocolLibrary, QuestManager, SessionsList, ShoppingLibrary, SlaveryLibrary, SMTPLibrary, SocialsList, StatisticsLibrary, TechLibrary, TelnetFilter, TextEncoders, ThreadEngine, TimeManager, TrackingLibrary, WebMacroLibrary, WorldMap, XMLLibrary
All Known Implementing Classes:
Achievements, AutoTitles, BeanCounter, CharCreation, Clans, CMAbleComps, CMAbleMap, CMAbleParms, CMCatalog, CMChannels, CMColor, CMEncoder, CMGenEditor, CMJournals, CMLister, CMMap, CMPlayers, CMProtocols, CoffeeFilter, CoffeeLevels, CoffeeMaker, CoffeeShops, CoffeeTables, CoffeeTime, CoffeeUtensils, ColumbiaUniv, CommonMsgs, DBInterface, Dice, DirtyLanguage, EnglishParser, Factions, GroundWired, IMudClient, MUDFight, MUDHelp, MUDLaw, MUDPercolator, MUDTracker, MUDZapper, Polls, Quests, RawCMaterial, Sense, ServiceEngine, Sessions, SlaveryParser, SMTPclient, Socials, StdLibrary, TimsLibrary, WebMacroCreamer, XMLManager

public interface CMLibrary
extends CMObject

This is the base interface for all CoffeeMud libraries.

Method Summary
 boolean activate()
          Activates the library.
 TickClient getServiceClient()
          If this library has a service thread, this method returns the TickClient object associated with that service.
 java.lang.String L(java.lang.String str, java.lang.String... xs)
          Localize an internal string -- shortcut.
 void propertiesLoaded()
          This method is called whenever system properties are altered by the user.
 boolean shutdown()
          Shuts down the library.
Methods inherited from interface com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.core.interfaces.CMObject
copyOf, ID, initializeClass, name, newInstance
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Method Detail


boolean activate()
Activates the library. This is called after the mud is booted, but before connections are accepted.

true if activation was successful, false if you're screwed
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boolean shutdown()
Shuts down the library. Called at system shutdown time obviously, but is sometimes called just to reset the library.

true if shutdown was successful, false if there's nothing you can do about it
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void propertiesLoaded()
This method is called whenever system properties are altered by the user. This allows the library to react to any important properties they monitor.


TickClient getServiceClient()
If this library has a service thread, this method returns the TickClient object associated with that service. Normally returns null, since most libraries don't set themselves up to receive thread time.

null, or the TickClient for the service
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java.lang.String L(java.lang.String str,
                   java.lang.String... xs)
Localize an internal string -- shortcut. Same as calling:

str - the string to translate
xs - the array of variables to replace
the translated string, with all variables in place
See Also:
Call with the string to translate, which may contain variables of the form @x1, @x2, etc. The array in xs is then used to replace the variables AFTER the string is translated.