Interface EachApplicable<T>

All Known Implementing Classes:
EachApplicable.ApplyAffectPhyStats, EachApplicable.ApplyRecoverPhyStats, StdMOB.ApplyAffectCharState, StdMOB.ApplyAffectCharStats, StdMOB.ApplyRecAffectPhyStats

public interface EachApplicable<T>

A utility interface for applying "each" code to iterable objects

Nested Class Summary
static class EachApplicable.ApplyAffectPhyStats<T extends StatsAffecting>
          Example class that affect phyStats
static class EachApplicable.ApplyRecoverPhyStats<T extends Affectable>
          Example class that recovers phyStats
Method Summary
 void apply(T a)
          Implement the code that will apply to each object

Method Detail


void apply(T a)
Implement the code that will apply to each object

a - the object to work on