Interface ArchonOnly

All Known Implementing Classes:
Archon, Archon_Accuse, Archon_Banish, Archon_Freeze, Archon_Hush, Archon_Infect, Archon_Injure, Archon_MarkOOC, Archon_MatrixPossess, Archon_Metacraft, Archon_Multiwatch, Archon_Peacefully, Archon_Record, Archon_Shame, Archon_Stinkify, Archon_Wrath, ArchonJournal, ArchonSkill, ArchonStaff, BagOfEndlessness, GenBagOfEndlessness, GenSuperPill, GoodyBag, Ingredients, ManualAdvancement, ManualArchon, ManualClasses, Prop_UseAdjuster, ShipTelnetProgram, Wand_Advancement, WandArchon

public interface ArchonOnly

An empty interface designating an item which can only be used by Archons. This is not a method on an item because anything which can be created using Gen builder tools better not be archon-only.