Package com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.Items.interfaces

Interface Summary
Ammunition Class for ammunition items used in weapons that require ammunition
AmmunitionWeapon An interface for a weapon which does not work without ammunition, or which can potentially require ammunition.
ArchonOnly An empty interface designating an item which can only be used by Archons.
Armor Interface for items which are complex wearables.
BoardableShip A Boardable Ship, which is an object that's boardable, rooms are attached to it so you can get in.
Book A book is a readable object that can usually be written to.
CagedAnimal Represents a MOB being stored as an Item, such as a mob in a cage, or a baby.
ClanItem Clan Items are variations on normal items that behave uniquely for members of clans.
Coins Coins are an item that represent a single coin, or a stack of dollar bills.
Computer A computer is a particular type of electronics panel that holds software, and has readers who monitor the messages this panel generates, as well as use the Type command to enter data into this panel's software.
Container A container is an item that contains other items, including other containers.
DeadBody Represents a player or monster corpse, dead body, a stiff.
DeckOfCards An interface for a deck of playing cards, like you'd use to play Gin or Poker or something.
DoorKey Represents a key-like thing that opens a door, or a chest, or anything else locked.
ElecPanel An interface for a particular kind of container that is invisible when closed, holds particular kinds of electrical gear, and allows some level of manipulation of the items inside.
Electronics Electronics are items that can be turned on and off before their interesting behavior or ability is available, which requires "power" to be operated, and has some capacitance for power that keeps it running for some dramatic amount of time while it is no longer receiving new power.
FalseLimb A False, or Fake Limb is an item that re-provides a wear location, and the personal functionality that goes with that limb, to someone who is missing that limb due to amputation.
Food The food interface is for items for items that can be targeted with the EAT command, and which provide nourishment that reduces hunger.
FuelConsumer An interface for an Electrical item that also consumes some other sort of fuel other than electrical power, if it consumes any electricity at all.
HandOfCards A hand of cards is a partial group of cards container, containing individual cards.
InnKey An InnKey is a door key that can fly back into the inventory of its shopkeeper when its time is up.
Item The interface for all common items, and as a base for RawMaterial, armor, weapons, etc.
Light A Light is an item that can emit light for some period of time.
MagicDust Magic Dust is itemized magic, like a potion or pill, except that it can be targeted at someone else, making malicious magic.
MiscMagic A MiscMagic item are magical items like Pills, Potions, Wands, Rings, Scrolls, Dust and so forth.
MusicalInstrument Musical instruments are typically used by Bard types to make their magic.
PackagedItems An interface for a large number of Items packaged into a single Item object.
Perfume A perfume item is one that can be "worn", and when worn, causes smell-message emotes to issue forth for others in the same room.
Pill A pill is a item that bestows some magic when eaten.
PlayingCard A playing card is just what it sounds like - a card you can play card games with.
Potion A potion is an item that bestows some magic upong the drinker.
PowerGenerator An interface that combines both a PowerSource and and FuelConsumer to produce a Power Generator, or converter from fuel to electricity.
PowerSource An interface for an Electrical item that produces rather than consumes power, though it may consume something else to generate that power.
RawMaterial RawMaterial houses the complete list of raw resource types, which are used to specify Item materials, and the nature of raw resources.
Recipe A Recipe is a special readable item that, merely by having, adds to the recipes available to construction-type common skills, such as tailoring, weaponsmithing, etc.
RoomMap An item that, when read, shows you a graphical map of an area.
SailingShip A Sailing Ship, which is an object that's boardable, rooms are attached to it so you can get in, and its an item that can appear in rooms, have speed and direction, be in combat, etc.
Scroll A scroll is a piece of paper upon which magical spells are written.
Shield A shield is a large flat item useful for blocking melee attacks.
ShipEngine A ShipEngine is a special TechComponent that is often a fuel consumer, and which has special tracked attributes related to its ability to propel a ship and, usually, consume fuel.
ShipWarComponent A ship war component can be a gun or a shield generator.
Software Software is a plain technical item that monitors and manipulates other space ship components and systems, while also managing a user interface for players/mobs monitoring the software.
SpaceShip A Space Ship, which is a space object that's dockable and can change direction.
SpellHolder A spell holder is an item that can contain spells for use in some way, such as a scroll, staff, wand, pills, potions, etc.
TechComponent A TechComponent is a type of electronics item that must be installed into a panel that can accept it.
Technical This is the base class for all tech items.
Wand A wand is an item containing a magic spell that can be invoked on a target, by holding the wand, and then saying the magic word to the target.
Weapon An item that can be used to do damage to another mob.

Class Summary
RawMaterial.CODES Global resource/raw material code data collector
Wearable.CODES Global location stat code data collector

Enum Summary
Armor.SizeDeviation Different ways in which a piece of armor can fit, or not fit, on a mob.
ClanItem.ClanItemType The type of clan item this is.
MusicalInstrument.InstrumentType The enum of instrument types.
RawMaterial.DefResource Enum of all the default resource data for all basic hard coded resources.
RawMaterial.Material An enum of all the basic material types, allowing lookups and such
RawMaterial.ResourceFlag Enums that set certain category flags on a resource, such as whether it is a fish type, or a berry type
RawMaterial.ResourceSubType A subset of the allowed strings to denote the subtype of a specific resource, such as a resource that is still of its type, but in an unusual form.
TechComponent.ShipDir The ThrustPort enum is for the different thrust ports, denoting the port, by its direction location.
Technical.TechCommand A TechCommand is an internal message that is only understood between electrical objects, typically ship components, but potentially between computer components of all sorts.
Technical.TechType Standard technical item types