Package com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.Common.interfaces

Interface Summary
AbilityComponent Descriptor class for ability components.
AccountStats An interface for a base player account.
AuctionData Class for storing basic data about a specific auction in progress.
AuctionPolicy Class for storing basic Auction House policies.
CharState An object to access and change fields representing the most variable aspects of a MOB
CharStats An object to access and change fields representing the varias aspects of a MOB
ClanGovernment A class defining the characteristics of a clan government, and its membership.
ClanPosition A class for the characteristics of a position within a clan government.
Climate A climate represents the entire weather pattern of an area It does most of the mundane things related to weather changes based on season, area, and other factors.
CMCommon A common interface for common classes.
CMMsg The core of event handling in CoffeeMud, a CMMsg represents an event that occurs.
CoffeeShop A CoffeeShop is an object for storing the inventory of a shopkeeper, banker, auctionhouse, merchant, or other object that implements the ShopKeeper interface for the purpose of selling goods and services.
CoffeeTableRow A CoffeeTableRow object represents a period of sustained statistics gathering.
Faction A Faction is an arbitrary numeric range, where different mobs/players can be within that range, if they have the faction at all.
Faction.FAbilityUsage A Faction Ability Usage object represents a set of criterium that can be used to determine whether this faction allows a mob or player to use a particular ability, or class of abilities.
Faction.FactionChangeEvent A Faction Change Event is an event that triggers an automatic change in a mob or players faction value.
Faction.FData A FactionData object is stored inside other objects that keep track of their own faction.
Faction.FRange The foundation of any Faction, the Faction Range represents a range of values that constitutes a single named group of numeric values for the faction.
Faction.FReactionItem Adds very temporary affects and behaviors to mobs who match the reaction zapper mask, and who are in the same room as someone with standing in this faction.
Faction.FZapFactor A factor defines how modifications of faction value, up or down, are modified on a mob by mob basis.
HttpClient A simple utility for making HTTP requests, which is implemented as a builder-type object.
Law The Law interface defines an object containing the various infractions that are recognized for a given LegalObject, the officials that enforce the infractions, some guidelines on their behavior, and information their processes of enforcement.
LegalWarrant A LegalWarrant is an important object in the triad of LegalBehavior and Law objects, as a part of the CoffeeMud legal system.
Manufacturer A class for holding information about the manufacturer of electronics.
PhyStats The PhyStats interface is a state object that holds some basic information about just about every Physical object in the game.
PlayerAccount An interface for a base player account.
PlayerStats Accessible from any PC mob object, PlayerStats are the repository for all manner of player specific mob values.
Poll A Poll object manages the data and processes for all of the public and private voting polls available through the CoffeeMud POLL CREATE POLL, LIST POLLS, etc..
Quest A quest object manages the details and text for a single descriptive script that is scheduled and, when directed, spawns, creates, watches, shuts down, and cleans up the various objects, subsidiary quests, and existing objects modifications related to this Quest.
RoomnumberSet A class for holding CoffeeMud-style room IDs of the form AreaName#[NUMBER], for instance, Midgaard#3001 This class is totally awesome because it stores them in an efficient way (holding room ids 5-10 not as 5,6,7,8,9,10, but as 5,10), but sorts them for quick reads.
ScriptingEngine The interface for the main CoffeeMud scripting engine, which implements a scripting engine descended from the old mud codebases of the 90's usually called MOBPROG.
Session A Session object is the key interface between the internet user and their player MOB.
Social Although at one time a simple public variable object, the Social became an environmental when it became import to be able to pass it as a tool of a message for various purposes.
Tattoo Tattoos are arbitrary markers or flags.
TimeClock This interface represents more than a "Time Zone", but a complete calendar, a complete lunar cycle, and schedule for days and nights.

Class Summary
CharStats.CODES Global character stat code data collector
Clan.ClanVote Represents an individual clan vote
Clan.FullMemberRecord A internal membership record, as returned by the database, plus extra fields from cmchar
Clan.MemberRecord A internal membership record, as returned by the database
CMMsg.Desc An accessor for safely converting raw message codes into friendlier description codes, and back again.
CoffeeShop.ShelfProduct Class for representing a shelf product, holding an item prototype, the number in stock, and the price.
Law.TreasurySet For the getTreasuryNSafe, this class stores the location of the treasury, for taxing purposes.
Poll.PollOption A class to represent a single choosable option for this poll.
Poll.PollResult A class to represent a single vote by a single user in this poll.
Quest.QuestScript A Quest script contains strings, and options, which are mini-quest scripts of strings.
ScriptingEngine.ScriptableResponse An object that holds the information about an event until it is time to execute its associated script.
Session.InputCallback The internal class to managing asynchronous user input.

Enum Summary
AbilityComponent.CompConnector Connector descriptors for connecting component descriptions together
AbilityComponent.CompLocation Where worn locations for determining where a component must be
AbilityComponent.CompType An component type item filter for determining how to interpret the kind of item to compare
AccountStats.Agent A simple enum for picking between a player and an account
AccountStats.PrideStat The recorded player and account statistics.
Clan.Authority An enumeration of relationships between a clan position and a particular power of clans.
Clan.AutoPromoteFlag An enumeration of ways auto-promotion can work in a clan
Clan.Function An enumation of all the major clan functions gated by internal security
Clan.Trophy enum for the getTrophies @see Clan#getTrophies() method.
CMMsg.CheckedMsgResponse An enum to use for an external message check from inside an okMessage method.
CMMsg.View An enum for the three major views of a message, source, target, or others
Faction.Align legacy enumerator constant for Faction.FRange.alignEquiv() denoting that the range does not reflect alignment
HttpClient.Method HTTP Methods that are acceptable
PlayerAccount.AccountFlag Various account-level flags
Session.InputCallback.Type The threa different types of user input processing supported by the abstract InputCallback class
Session.SessionStatus The status of the session, from opening handshake, to final goodbyes
TimeClock.MoonPhase The phases of the moon
TimeClock.Season Enumeration for the season of the year
TimeClock.TidePhase The phases of the tides
TimeClock.TimeOfDay Time of Day enumeration
TimeClock.TimePeriod Different time periods.