Package com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.core

Interface Summary
Directions.DirectionWordTranslator An interface to a translator for the direction words in this class
Log.LogReader A rolling log reader interface for streaming in a log a line at a time.

Class Summary
B64Encoder Encodes and decodes to and from Base64 notation.
CMath A core singleton class handling various mathematical operations and functions, especially dealing with explicit type conversions, and special string conversions and functions.
CMath.CompiledFormula A class representing a a list of compiled operation in a complete formula.
CMath.CompiledOperation A class representing a single piece of a compiled operation.
CMClass The core class loader, but more importantly, the core object template manager for the whole mud.
CMClass.JScriptLib The helper class for full blown JavaScript objects.
CMFile An object to abstractly access the CoffeeMud File System (CMFS), which is a layer of database-based files (VFS) on top of the normal systems file system.
CMFile.CMFileManager FileManager handler for CMFile, used by WebServer
CMFile.CMVFSDir A class to represent a VFS/database directory.
CMLib CMLib is a semi-singleton central repository for all the various code libraries implemented in CoffeeMud.
CMParms This singleton contains methods for parsing user input and arguments to behaviors and properties.
CMParms.DelimiterChecker An overrideable class for supplying a delimiter determination tool
CMProps The source class for thread-group-based and global mud properties.
CMSecurity CMSecurity is the singleton that handles all security checks for all manner of resource access by users.
CMSecurity.SecGroup Internal security class for a group of security flags, and which may also containing other groups.
CMSecurity.SecPath A class representing a file path, either local or virtual, that a user can be given special access to.
CMStrings A singleton of String utilities, string searchers, string builders, comparers, and alterers.
CMStrings.Diff Class representing one diff operation.
CoffeeIOPipe Similar to Javas pipe, except it's buffered and thread agnostic.
CoffeeIOPipe.CoffeeIOPipes A pair of coffee pipes, for using to build a pair of coffee pipe sockets.
CoffeeIOPipe.CoffeePipeSocket A fake socket that consists of a pair of CoffeePipes.
Log One of the oldest classes in CoffeeMud -- ye olde logger.
MiniJSON A JSON parser.
MiniJSON.JSONObject An official JSON object.

Enum Summary
CMLib.Library Collection of all the different official CoffeeMud libraries
CMProps.Bool Enums for Boolean entries in the coffeemud.ini file
CMProps.Int Enums for Integer entries in the coffeemud.ini file
CMProps.ListFile Enums for localizeable string list entries in lists.ini
CMProps.Str Enums for String entries in the coffeemud.ini file
CMProps.StrList Enums for String list entries
CMProps.WhiteList Enum for white lists for various purposes
CMSecurity.DbgFlag This enum represents all permitted DEBUG flags.
CMSecurity.DisFlag The enum that represents all the defined DISABLE flags.
CMSecurity.SaveFlag Save flags enum, for either turning off things that are normally saved to the database periodically, or turning on things that are not normally saved so that they do so.
CMSecurity.SecFlag This enum represents all of the base security flags in the system.
CMStrings.DiffOperation The data structure representing a diff is a Linked list of Diff objects: {Diff(Operation.DELETE, "Hello"), Diff(Operation.INSERT, "Goodbye"), Diff(Operation.EQUAL, " world.")} which means: delete "Hello", add "Goodbye" and keep " world."
Log.Type The various log types supported by this logger.

Exception Summary
MiniJSON.MJSONException An official MiniJSON parsing exception.