Class DrowElf

  extended by com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.MOBS.StdMOB
      extended by com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.MOBS.DrowElf
All Implemented Interfaces:
AbilityContainer, Affectable, Behavable, CMObject, Combatant, Contingent, DBIdentifiable, Environmental, FactionMember, Followable<MOB>, ItemCollection, ItemPossessor, Modifiable, MsgListener, MUDCmdProcessor, Physical, PhysicalAgent, Rider, StatsAffecting, Tattooable, Tickable, MOB, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Comparable<CMObject>
Direct Known Subclasses:
DrowPriestess, DrowWarrior, DrowWizard

public class DrowElf
extends StdMOB

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.MOBS.StdMOB
StdMOB.ApplyAffectCharState<T extends StatsAffecting>, StdMOB.ApplyAffectCharStats<T extends StatsAffecting>, StdMOB.ApplyRecAffectPhyStats<T extends StatsAffecting>
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.MOBS.interfaces.MOB
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.core.interfaces.ItemPossessor
ItemPossessor.Expire, ItemPossessor.Find, ItemPossessor.Move
Field Summary
 int darkDown
static int FEMALE
static int MALE
Fields inherited from class com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.MOBS.StdMOB
abilitys, abilityUseCache, abilityUseTrig, affectCharState, affectCharStats, affectPhyStats, affects, ageMinutes, amDead, amDestroyed, amFollowing, atRange, attributesBitmap, baseCharStats, basePhyStats, baseState, behaviors, cachedImageName, charStats, clanAffects, clans, CODES, commandQue, curState, databaseID, description, displayText, experience, expertises, factions, followers, inventory, kickFlag, lastLocation, liegeID, location, maxState, me, miscText, money, moneyVariation, mySession, peaceTime, phyStats, playerStats, possHeldItem, possStartRoom, possWieldedItem, practices, questPoint, racialAffects, rawImageName, recoverAffectP, recoverTickCter, removeFromGame, riding, scripts, soulMate, tattoos, tickAgeCounter, tickStatus, trains, username, victim, wimpHitPoint, worshipCharID, xtraValues
Fields inherited from interface com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.MOBS.interfaces.MOB
Fields inherited from interface com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.core.interfaces.MUDCmdProcessor
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  boolean castDarkness()
 java.lang.String ID()
          The CoffeeMud Java Class ID shared by all instances of this object.
 boolean tick(Tickable ticking, int tickID)
          this is the method which is called periodically by the threading engine.
Methods inherited from class com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.MOBS.StdMOB
abilities, actions, addAbility, addBehavior, addEffect, addExpertise, addFaction, addFollower, addItem, addItem, addNonUninvokableEffect, addPriorityEffect, addScript, addTattoo, addTattoo, addTattoo, adjustFaction, affectCharState, affectCharStats, affectPhyStats, allAbilities, amActive, amDead, amDestroyed, amFollowing, amUltimatelyFollowing, baseCharStats, basePhyStats, baseState, baseWeight, behaviors, bringToLife, bringToLife, calculateActionCost, canSaveDatabaseID, charStats, clanEffects, clans, clearCommandQueue, cloneFix, commandQueSize, compareTo, confirmLocation, copyFactions, copyOf, curState, databaseID, delAbility, delAllAbilities, delAllBehaviors, delAllEffects, delAllExpertises, delAllItems, delAllScripts, delBehavior, delEffect, delExpertise, delFollower, delItem, delScript, delTattoo, delTattoo, dequeCommand, description, description, destroy, displayText, displayText, dispossess, doCommand, doCommand, eachBehavior, eachEffect, eachItem, eachScript, effects, enqueCommand, enqueCommands, executeMsg, expertises, expirationDate, factions, fetchAbility, fetchAbility, fetchBehavior, fetchBehavior, fetchEffect, fetchEffect, fetchExpertise, fetchFaction, fetchFactionData, fetchFactionRanges, fetchFirstWornItem, fetchFollower, fetchFollower, fetchFollowerOrder, fetchFromInventory, fetchHeldItem, fetchItem, fetchRandomAbility, fetchScript, fetchWieldedItem, fetchWornItems, findAbility, findItem, findItem, findItems, findItems, findTattoo, findTattooStartsWith, fixChannelColors, flagVariableEq, followers, freeWearPositions, genericName, getAbilityUsageCache, getAgeMinutes, getAttributesBitmap, getClanRole, getCodeNum, getCombatant, getDirectionToTarget, getExperience, getExpNeededDelevel, getExpNeededLevel, getExpNextLevel, getExpPrevLevel, getFactionListing, getGroupMembers, getGroupMembersAndRideables, getItem, getLiegeID, getMoney, getMoneyVariation, getMyDeity, getNaturalWeapon, getPeaceTime, getPractices, getQuestPoint, getRandomItem, getRideBuddies, getSaveStatIndex, getStartRoom, getStat, getStatCodes, getTickStatus, getTrains, getVictim, getWearPositions, getWimpHitPoint, getWorshipCharID, hasFaction, hasOnlyGoldInInventory, healthText, image, initializeClass, isAttributeSet, isContent, isEitherOfUsDead, isFollowedBy, isGeneric, isInCombat, isMarriedToLiege, isMine, isMonster, isPermissableToFight, isPlayer, isPossessing, isRacialAbility, isSavable, isStat, items, killMeDead, L, lastTickedDateTime, location, makePeace, maxCarry, maxFollowers, maxItems, maxRange, maxState, mayIFight, mayPhysicallyAttack, minRange, miscTextFormat, moveItemTo, moveItemTo, name, Name, name, newInstance, numAbilities, numAllAbilities, numAllEffects, numBehaviors, numEffects, numFollowers, numItems, numScripts, okMessage, personalEffects, phyStats, playerStats, prequeCommand, prequeCommands, racialEffects, rangeToTarget, rawImage, recoverCharStats, recoverMaxState, recoverPhyStats, removeFaction, removeFromGame, resetToMaxState, riding, sameAs, scripts, session, setActions, setAgeMinutes, setAttribute, setAttributesBitmap, setBaseCharStats, setBasePhyStats, setBaseState, setClan, setCombatant, setDatabaseID, setDescription, setDisplayText, setExperience, setExpirationDate, setFollowing, setImage, setLiegeID, setLocation, setMiscText, setMoney, setMoneyVariation, setName, setPlayerStats, setPractices, setQuestPoint, setRangeToTarget, setRiding, setSavable, setSession, setSoulMate, setStartRoom, setStat, setTrains, setVictim, setWimpHitPoint, setWorshipCharID, soulMate, tattoos, tell, tell, text, titledName, totalFollowers, willFollowOrdersOf
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Field Detail


public static final int MALE
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Constant Field Values


public static final int FEMALE
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Constant Field Values


public int darkDown
Constructor Detail


public DrowElf()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String ID()
Description copied from interface: CMObject
The CoffeeMud Java Class ID shared by all instances of this object. Unlike the Java Class name, this method does not include package information. However, it must return a String value unique to its class category in the ClassLoader. Class categories include Libraries, Common, Areas, Abilities, Behaviors, CharClasses, Commands, Exits Locales, MOBS, Races, WebMacros, Basic Items, Armor, Weapons, ClanItems, Tech. The name is typically identical to the class name.

Specified by:
ID in interface CMObject
ID in class StdMOB
the name of this class


public boolean tick(Tickable ticking,
                    int tickID)
Description copied from interface: Tickable
this is the method which is called periodically by the threading engine. How often it is called depends on the parameters passed to the threadding engine when it is submitted for thread access. Typically the period is once per TIME_TICK period, but that is determined when the object is submitted to the thread engine.

Specified by:
tick in interface Tickable
tick in class StdMOB
ticking - a reference to this Tickable object
tickID - the TICKID_ constant describing this periodic call, as defined in Tickable
true always, unless this object no longer wishes to ever tick again, in which case false
See Also:
Tickable, ServiceEngine, TickableGroup


protected boolean castDarkness()