Constant Field Values


public static final int DATA_ANYSOCIAL 4
public static final int DATA_ANYSPEECH 1
public static final int DATA_DIRSOCIAL 5
public static final int DATA_DIRSPEECH 2
public static final int DATA_GOODSOCIAL 3
public static final int DATA_GOODSPEECH 0
public static final int DATA_ORDER 8
public static final int DATA_SYNCHROFOUND 7
public static final int DATA_TOTAL 10
public static final int DATA_TYPEDCOMMAND 6

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int costAdder 0
protected static final int costMultiplier 2

protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 8
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 8
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_STRINGS 9
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int DAT_BUILDCODE 6
protected static final int DAT_BUILDERMASK 11
protected static final int DAT_CLASS 7
protected static final int DAT_DESC 10
protected static final int DAT_DESCRIPTION 12
protected static final int DAT_FLAG 5
protected static final int DAT_MISC 8
protected static final int DAT_PROPERTIES 9
protected static final int DAT_WOOD 3
protected static final int DAT_WOODTYPE 4

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 11
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 10
protected static final int RCP_CITYPE 3
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 8
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 12
protected static final int RCP_EXP 6
protected static final int RCP_FINALNAME 0
protected static final int RCP_LEVEL 4
protected static final int RCP_MATERIAL1 1
protected static final int RCP_MATERIAL2 2
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 9
protected static final int RCP_REQUIREDSKILL 14
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 13
protected static final int RCP_TICKS 5
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 7

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int CF_AMOUNT 0
protected static final int CF_HARDNESS 1
protected static final int CF_MATERIAL 2
protected static final int CF_TOTAL 3
protected static final int FOUND_AMT 1
protected static final int FOUND_CODE 0
protected static final int RCP_FINALNAME 0
protected static final int RCP_LEVEL 1
protected static final int RCP_TICKS 2

protected static final int RCP_COLOR 3
protected static final int RCP_FINALNAME 0
protected static final int RCP_FREQ 2
protected static final int RCP_LEVEL 1

protected static final int HIDE_MASK 1073741824
protected static final int STAGE_MASK -1073741825

protected static final int RCP_FINALNAME 2
protected static final int RCP_FREQ 1
protected static final int RCP_RESOURCE 0
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 3

protected static final int RCP_AMMOTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_AMOCAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_EXTRAREQ 10
protected static final int RCP_MAXRANGE 9
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 11
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_AMOUNTMATS 3
protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4

protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 8
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_DOMAIN 1
protected static final int RCP_FREQ 2
protected static final int RCP_MOB 3
protected static final int RCP_RESOURCE 0

protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_MATERIAL 7
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_RACES 8
protected static final int RCP_TYPE 9
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_EXTRAREQ 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_COLOR 3
protected static final int RCP_FINALNAME 0
protected static final int RCP_FREQ 2
protected static final int RCP_LEVEL 1

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 8
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 7
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 9
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3
protected static final int RCP_WOODTYPE 6

protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 8
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int charLimit 100000

protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 8
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 8
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 9
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_SHIPINDEX 5
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_FINALRSC 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 8
protected static final int RCP_SUBTYPE 7
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_EXTRAREQ 8
protected static final int RCP_EXTRAREQAMT 9
protected static final int RCP_MAXUSES 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final java.lang.String CRAFTING_RACE_STR "This statue was once @x1."
protected static final java.lang.String CRAFTING_RACE_STR_PREFIX "This statue was once "

protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_FINALRSC 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 8
protected static final int RCP_SUBTYPE 7
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

public static final java.lang.String CATALOG_PREFIX " This is a catalog of type `"

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_MATERIAL 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_NUMRIDERS 8
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 11
protected static final int RCP_STRINGS 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_EXTRAREQ 7
protected static final int RCP_EXTRAREQAMT 8
protected static final int RCP_MAXUSES 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 9
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_ATTACK 9
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_EXTRAREQ 12
protected static final int RCP_HANDS 10
protected static final int RCP_MAXRANGE 11
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 13
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WEAPONCLASS 6
protected static final int RCP_WEAPONTYPE 7
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

protected static final int RCP_ARMORDMG 8
protected static final int RCP_CAPACITY 7
protected static final int RCP_CLASSTYPE 5
protected static final int RCP_CONTAINMASK 9
protected static final int RCP_MISCTYPE 6
protected static final int RCP_SPELL 10
protected static final int RCP_VALUE 4
protected static final int RCP_WOOD 3

public static final int WEATHERQUE_CALM 16
public static final int WEATHERQUE_COLD 8
public static final int WEATHERQUE_HOT 4
public static final int WEATHERQUE_NADA 0
public static final int WEATHERQUE_RAIN 2
public static final int WEATHERQUE_WIND 1

protected static final int TICKS_TO_SHARPEN 8

public static final int ACODE_CHANT 8
public static final int ACODE_COMMON_SKILL 9
public static final int ACODE_DISEASE 10
public static final int ACODE_LANGUAGE 7
public static final int ACODE_POISON 11
public static final int ACODE_PRAYER 2
public static final int ACODE_PROPERTY 5
public static final int ACODE_SKILL 0
public static final int ACODE_SONG 3
public static final int ACODE_SPELL 1
public static final int ACODE_SUPERPOWER 12
public static final int ACODE_TECH 13
public static final int ACODE_THIEF_SKILL 6
public static final int ACODE_TRAP 4
public static final int ALL_ACODES 31
public static final int ALL_DOMAINS 8160
public static final int CACHEINDEX_CLASSLESS 1
public static final int CACHEINDEX_EXPERTISE 2
public static final int CACHEINDEX_NORMAL 0
public static final int CACHEINDEX_TOTAL 3
public static final int CAN_AREAS 4
public static final int CAN_EXITS 16
public static final int CAN_ITEMS 2
public static final int CAN_MOBS 1
public static final int CAN_ROOMS 8
public static final int COST_ALL 2147483647
public static final int COST_NORMAL -1
public static final int COST_PCT 2147483547
public static final int DOMAIN_ABJURATION 64
public static final int DOMAIN_ACROBATIC 1760
public static final int DOMAIN_ALERT 608
public static final int DOMAIN_ALTERATION 160
public static final int DOMAIN_ANATOMY 2112
public static final int DOMAIN_ANIMALAFFINITY 1408
public static final int DOMAIN_ARCANELORE 1728
public static final int DOMAIN_ARCHON 288
public static final int DOMAIN_ARMORUSE 2144
public static final int DOMAIN_ARTISTIC 2080
public static final int DOMAIN_BINDING 480
public static final int DOMAIN_BLESSING 736
public static final int DOMAIN_BREEDING 1472
public static final int DOMAIN_BUILDINGSKILL 2336
public static final int DOMAIN_CALLIGRAPHY 1664
public static final int DOMAIN_COMBATFLUIDITY 1952
public static final int DOMAIN_COMBATLORE 1920
public static final int DOMAIN_COMMUNING 1280
public static final int DOMAIN_CONJURATION 256
public static final int DOMAIN_CORRUPTION 1152
public static final int DOMAIN_CRAFTINGSKILL 928
public static final int DOMAIN_CREATION 1248
public static final int DOMAIN_CRIMINAL 2208
public static final int DOMAIN_CURSING 768
public static final int DOMAIN_DANCING 352
public static final int DOMAIN_DEATHLORE 1088
public static final int DOMAIN_DECEPTIVE 416
public static final int DOMAIN_DEEPMAGIC 1440
public static final int DOMAIN_DETRAP 448
public static final int DOMAIN_DIRTYFIGHTING 1888
public static final int DOMAIN_DIVINATION 32
public static final int DOMAIN_EDUCATIONLORE 2464
public static final int DOMAIN_ENCHANTMENT 224
public static final int DOMAIN_ENDURING 1344
public static final int DOMAIN_EPICUREAN 2496
public static final int DOMAIN_EVANGELISM 800
public static final int DOMAIN_EVASIVE 1984
public static final int DOMAIN_EVOCATION 128
public static final int DOMAIN_FITNESS 2272
public static final int DOMAIN_FOOLISHNESS 1024
public static final int DOMAIN_GATHERINGSKILL 896
public static final int DOMAIN_GRAPPLING 1632
public static final int DOMAIN_HEALING 672
public static final int DOMAIN_HOLYPROTECTION 640
public static final int DOMAIN_ILLUSION 96
public static final int DOMAIN_INFLUENTIAL 1792
public static final int DOMAIN_KICKING 1568
public static final int DOMAIN_LEGAL 2240
public static final int DOMAIN_MARTIALLORE 2016
public static final int DOMAIN_MOONALTERING 864
public static final int DOMAIN_MOONSUMMONING 832
public static final int DOMAIN_NATURELORE 1856
public static final int DOMAIN_NEUTRALIZATION 1216
public static final int DOMAIN_PLANTCONTROL 1376
public static final int DOMAIN_PLANTGROWTH 960
public static final int DOMAIN_PLAYING 384
public static final int DOMAIN_POISONING 1696
public static final int DOMAIN_PRESERVING 1312
public static final int DOMAIN_PUNCHING 1600
public static final int DOMAIN_RACIALABILITY 2048
public static final int DOMAIN_RESTORATION 1184
public static final int DOMAIN_ROCKCONTROL 1536
public static final int DOMAIN_SEATRAVEL 2432
public static final int DOMAIN_SHAPE_SHIFTING 992
public static final int DOMAIN_SHIELDUSE 2176
public static final int DOMAIN_SINGING 320
public static final int DOMAIN_STEALING 512
public static final int DOMAIN_STEALTHY 544
public static final int DOMAIN_STREETSMARTS 1824
public static final int DOMAIN_THEATRE 2304
public static final int DOMAIN_TRANSMUTATION 192
public static final int DOMAIN_TRAPPING 576
public static final int DOMAIN_VEXING 704
public static final int DOMAIN_WARDING 1056
public static final int DOMAIN_WATERCONTROL 2400
public static final int DOMAIN_WATERLORE 2368
public static final int DOMAIN_WEAPON_USE 1504
public static final int DOMAIN_WEATHER_MASTERY 1120
public static final long FLAG_ADJUSTER 524288L
public static final long FLAG_AGGROFYING 134217728L
public static final long FLAG_AIRBASED 65536L
public static final long FLAG_BINDING 1L
public static final long FLAG_CASTER 8388608L
public static final long FLAG_CHARMING 32L
public static final long FLAG_CLANMAGIC 8192L
public static final long FLAG_EARTHBASED 131072L
public static final long FLAG_ENABLER 16777216L
public static final long FLAG_FIREBASED 256L
public static final long FLAG_HEALINGMAGIC 16384L
public static final long FLAG_HEATING 128L
public static final long FLAG_HOLY 512L
public static final long FLAG_IMMUNER 2097152L
public static final long FLAG_INTOXICATING 262144L
public static final long FLAG_MINDALTERING 2147483648L
public static final long FLAG_MOVING 2L
public static final long FLAG_NEUTRAL 1536L
public static final long FLAG_NOORDERING 4096L
public static final long FLAG_NOUNINVOKING 1073741824L
public static final long FLAG_PARALYZING 2048L
public static final long FLAG_POTENTIALLY_DEADLY 67108864L
public static final long FLAG_RESISTER 1048576L
public static final long FLAG_SUMMONING 16L
public static final long FLAG_SUNSUMMONING 536870912L
public static final long FLAG_TIDEALTERING 268435456L
public static final long FLAG_TORTURING 4294967296L
public static final long FLAG_TRACKING 64L
public static final long FLAG_TRANSPORTING 4L
public static final long FLAG_UNCRAFTABLE 33554432L
public static final long FLAG_UNHOLY 1024L
public static final long FLAG_WATERBASED 32768L
public static final long FLAG_WEATHERAFFECTING 8L
public static final long FLAG_ZAPPER 4194304L
public static final int QUALITY_BENEFICIAL_OTHERS 5
public static final int QUALITY_BENEFICIAL_SELF 4
public static final int QUALITY_INDIFFERENT 1
public static final int QUALITY_MALICIOUS 0
public static final int QUALITY_OK_OTHERS 3
public static final int QUALITY_OK_SELF 2
public static final int TICKS_ALMOST_FOREVER 1073741823
public static final int TICKS_FOREVER 2147482647
public static final int USAGE_HITPOINTS 4
public static final int USAGE_MANA 1
public static final int USAGE_MOVEMENT 2
public static final int USAGE_NADA 0
public static final int USAGEINDEX_HITPOINTS 2
public static final int USAGEINDEX_MANA 0
public static final int USAGEINDEX_MOVEMENT 1

public static final int SPREAD_CONSUMPTION 8
public static final int SPREAD_CONTACT 2
public static final int SPREAD_DAMAGE 16
public static final int SPREAD_GET 32
public static final int SPREAD_HEARING 64
public static final int SPREAD_PROXIMITY 4
public static final int SPREAD_STD 1

public static final java.lang.String CRAFTING_BRAND_STR_ANON "This is the work of an anonymous craftsman."
public static final java.lang.String CRAFTING_BRAND_STR_NAME "This is the work of @x1."
public static final java.lang.String CRAFTING_BRAND_STR_PREFIX "This is the work of "

public static final int TRAP_GAS 2
public static final int TRAP_NEEDLE 0
public static final int TRAP_PIT_BLADE 1
public static final int TRAP_SPELL 3

public static final int TRIGGER_ALWAYS 1
public static final int TRIGGER_BEING_HIT 4
public static final int TRIGGER_DROP_PUTIN 64
public static final int TRIGGER_ENTER 2
public static final int TRIGGER_GET 16
public static final int TRIGGER_HITTING_WITH 128
public static final int TRIGGER_MOUNT 128
public static final int TRIGGER_PUT 64
public static final int TRIGGER_USE 32
public static final int TRIGGER_WEAR_WIELD 8

protected static final java.lang.String CANCEL_WORD "CANCEL"

public static final java.lang.String downBabyEmoter "min=1 max=2 chance=50;wants its mommy.;wants its daddy.;cries.;cries!;cries."
public static final java.lang.String happyBabyEmoter "min=1 max=500 chance=100;makes goo goo noises.;loves its mommy.;loves its daddy.;smiles.;makes a spit bubble.;wiggles its toes.;chews on their finger.;holds up a finger.;stretches its little body."
public static final java.lang.String otherBabyEmoter "min=1 max=5 chance=10;wants its mommy.;wants its daddy.;cries.;doesnt like you.;cries for its mommy.;cries for its daddy."

protected static final int INTERVAL 0

protected static final int FIREFLAG_DESTROYHOST 512
protected static final int FIREFLAG_NEVERDESTROYHOST 1024
protected static final int FIREFLAG_NOSPREAD 4096
protected static final int FIREFLAG_PERSISTFLAGS 256
protected static final int FIREFLAG_UNEXTINGUISHABLE 2048
protected static final int FIREFLAG_WEATHERMASK 255

protected static final int INTERVAL 0

public static final long IMMUNITY_TIME 36000000L

public static final long DOUBT_TIME 3600000L

protected static final int FLAG_BROADCAST 1024
protected static final int FLAG_EMOTE 512

protected static final int HUNGERTICKMAX 4
protected static final int SPEEDMAX 2

public static final int REUSE_MILLIS 180000

protected static final int baseWaterRange 8

protected static final int DEG_CID 0
protected static final int DEG_CNAME 1
protected static final int DEG_TITLE 2

public static final int CODE_CASTFRIENDLYSPELLPER10 13
public static final int CODE_CASTFRIENDLYSPELLPER2 6
public static final int CODE_CASTFRIENDLYSPELLPER20 14
public static final int CODE_CASTFRIENDLYSPELLPER5 12
public static final int CODE_CASTMALICIOUSSPELLPER10 5
public static final int CODE_DOWNDAMAGEPER5 4
public static final int CODE_DOWNSAVE 15
public static final int CODE_REMOVESPELLTYPE 9
public static final int CODE_SPEEDCOMMONSKILLS 10
public static final int CODE_UPDAMAGEPER3 2
public static final int CODE_UPDAMAGEPER5 16
public static final int CODE_UPENVPER2 7
public static final int CODE_UPENVPER5 8
public static final int CODE_UPMOVEMENT 11
public static final int CODE_UPSAVE 1
public static final int CODE_UPSTAT 3

protected static final java.lang.String consonants "bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz"
protected static final java.lang.String vowels "aeiouy"

protected static final long WORN_ARMOR 26941L

protected static final long WORN_ARMOR 26941L

protected static final int CHAIN_LENGTH 4

protected static final int mask 6657
protected static final int mask2 2143190529

public static final int BOTH 2
public static final int FUMBLE_WEAPON 1
public static final int SIT 0

public static final int REPAIR_MAX 30

protected static final int COST_STATIC 50

protected static final int mask 6657
protected static final int mask2 2143190529

protected static final int baseWaterRange 8

public static final java.lang.String ZEROES "0000000000"

public static final int FLAG_INSTANCE_CHILD 4
public static final int FLAG_INSTANCE_PARENT 2
public static final int FLAG_THIN 1
public static final int THEME_ALLTHEMES 7
public static final int THEME_FANTASY 1
public static final int THEME_HEROIC 4
public static final int THEME_INHERIT 0
public static final int THEME_SKILLONLYMASK 8
public static final int THEME_TECHNOLOGY 2
public static final long TIME_PASSIVE_LAPSE 1800000L

public static final int COMBAT_DEFENSIVE 1
public static final int COMBAT_MIXEDDEFENSIVE 4
public static final int COMBAT_MIXEDOFFENSIVE 3
public static final int COMBAT_OFFENSIVE 2
public static final int COMBAT_ONLYALWAYS 5
public static final int COMBAT_RANDOM 0

protected static final java.lang.String defaultGreeting "Need directions? Just name the place and I\'ll name the price! Append words like noswim, noclimb, nofly, nolocks, noprivate, and nocrawl to narrow the focus."

protected static final int CHECKFREQ 10
protected static final int FIGHTFREQ 2

public static final int CAST_DARKNESS 1
public static final int CHECK_STATUS 129
public static final int FIGHTER_SKILL 128

protected static final int CODE_DESCRIPTIONBLOCK 2
protected static final int CODE_NORMALBLOCK 0
protected static final int CODE_REVERSEBLOCK 1
protected static final int CODE0_INSIDEDEPARTMSG 3
protected static final int CODE0_OUTSIDEDEPARTMSG 5
protected static final int CODE1_NORMALINSIDECLOSED 1
protected static final int CODE1_NORMALINSIDEOPEN 0
protected static final int CODE1_NORMALOUTSIDECLOSED 3
protected static final int CODE1_NORMALOUTSIDEOPEN 2
protected static final int CODE1_REVERSEINSIDECLOSED 5
protected static final int CODE1_REVERSEINSIDEOPEN 4
protected static final int CODE1_REVERSEOUTSIDECLOSED 7
protected static final int CODE1_REVERSEOUTSIDEOPEN 6

protected static final int RESPONSE_DELAY 2
protected static final int TALK_WAIT_DELAY 8

public static final int GAME_5CARDSTUD 1
public static final int GAME_7CARDSTUD 2
public static final int GAME_DRAWPOKER 3
public static final int GAME_STRAIGHTPOKER 0

public static final int OWE_BACKTAXES 2
public static final int OWE_CITIZENTAX 1
public static final int OWE_FINES 3
public static final int OWE_TOTAL 0

public static final int CAN_AREAS 4
public static final int CAN_EXITS 16
public static final int CAN_ITEMS 2
public static final int CAN_MOBS 1
public static final int CAN_ROOMS 8
public static final long FLAG_LEGALBEHAVIOR 8L
public static final long FLAG_MOBILITY 1L
public static final long FLAG_POTENTIALLYAGGRESSIVE 4L
public static final long FLAG_POTENTIALLYAUTODEATHING 16L
public static final long FLAG_TROUBLEMAKING 2L

public static final long CONTROLTIME 259200000L
public static final long EXPIRATION_MILLIS 604800000L
public static final long ONE_REAL_DAY 86400000L

protected static final long MILLIS_BETWEEN_DUEL_WINS 1800000L

public static final int ARMOR_ANY 0
public static final int ARMOR_CLOTH 1
public static final int ARMOR_LEATHER 2
public static final int ARMOR_METALONLY 5
public static final int ARMOR_NONMETAL 3
public static final int ARMOR_OREONLY 6
public static final int ARMOR_VEGAN 4
public static final long ARMOR_WEARMASK 24589L
public static final int GENFLAG_NOEXP 4
public static final int GENFLAG_NOLEVELS 2
public static final int GENFLAG_NORACE 1
public static final int GENFLAG_THINQUALLIST 8
public static final int WEAPONS_ALLCLERIC 10
public static final int WEAPONS_ANY 0
public static final int WEAPONS_BURGLAR 4
public static final int WEAPONS_DAGGERONLY 1
public static final int WEAPONS_EVILCLERIC 7
public static final int WEAPONS_FLAILONLY 11
public static final int WEAPONS_GOODCLERIC 8
public static final int WEAPONS_MAGELIKE 6
public static final int WEAPONS_MERLIKE 12
public static final int WEAPONS_NATURAL 3
public static final int WEAPONS_NEUTRALCLERIC 9
public static final int WEAPONS_ROCKY 5
public static final int WEAPONS_STAFFONLY 13
public static final int WEAPONS_THIEFLIKE 2

protected static final int STATE_CLOSED 5
protected static final int STATE_ONCE 2
protected static final int STATE_RUNOUT 1
protected static final int STATE_START 0
protected static final int STATE_THREE 4
protected static final int STATE_TWICE 3

protected static final int SKILL_ANY -1
protected static final int SKILL_BUILDING_ONLY -3
protected static final int SKILL_CRAFTING_ONLY -2
protected static final int SKILL_EPICUREAN_ONLY -5
protected static final int SKILL_GATHERING_ONLY -4

public static final int ABLETYPE_AFFECTS -15
public static final int ABLETYPE_AREASEXPLORED -10
public static final int ABLETYPE_CHARSTATS -13
public static final int ABLETYPE_COMBAT -6
public static final int ABLETYPE_EQUIPMENT -2
public static final int ABLETYPE_FACTIONS -12
public static final int ABLETYPE_INVENTORY -3
public static final int ABLETYPE_LEVELTIMES -14
public static final int ABLETYPE_QUESTWINS -4
public static final int ABLETYPE_ROOMSEXPLORED -9
public static final int ABLETYPE_SCRIPTS -7
public static final int ABLETYPE_TATTOOS -5
public static final int ABLETYPE_TITLES -8
public static final int ABLETYPE_WORLDEXPLORED -11

public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_XP_FORMULA "(500 * @x1) + (1000 * @x1 * @x1 * @x1)"

protected static final int GTELL_STACK_MAX_SIZE 50
protected static final int TELL_STACK_MAX_SIZE 50

protected static final int MSDPPINGINTERVAL 1000
protected static final int PINGTIMEOUT 30000
protected static final int SOTIMEOUT 300

public static final int ANNOYANCE_DEFAULT_TICKS 60
public static final int DEATH_HUNGER_TICKS 10800
public static final int DEATH_THIRST_TICKS 5400
public static final int REAL_TICK_ADJUST_FACTOR 5
public static final int STAT_HITPOINTS 0
public static final int STAT_HUNGER 3
public static final int STAT_MANA 1
public static final int STAT_MOVE 2
public static final int STAT_NUMSTATS 7
public static final int STAT_THIRST 4
public static final int STAT_TICKSHUNGRY 5
public static final int STAT_TICKSTHIRSTY 6

public static final int DEFAULT_NUM_STATS 42
public static final int STAT_AGE 28
public static final int STAT_CHARISMA 4
public static final int STAT_CONSTITUTION 3
public static final int STAT_CRIT_CHANCE_PCT_MAGIC 41
public static final int STAT_CRIT_CHANCE_PCT_WEAPON 40
public static final int STAT_CRIT_DAMAGE_PCT_MAGIC 43
public static final int STAT_CRIT_DAMAGE_PCT_WEAPON 42
public static final int STAT_DEXTERITY 2
public static final int STAT_FAITH 31
public static final int STAT_GENDER 6
public static final int STAT_INTELLIGENCE 1
public static final int STAT_MAX_CHARISMA_ADJ 26
public static final int STAT_MAX_CONSTITUTION_ADJ 25
public static final int STAT_MAX_DEXTERITY_ADJ 24
public static final int STAT_MAX_INTELLIGENCE_ADJ 23
public static final int STAT_MAX_STRENGTH_ADJ 22
public static final int STAT_MAX_WISDOM_ADJ 27
public static final int STAT_SAVE_ACID 15
public static final int STAT_SAVE_BLUNT 33
public static final int STAT_SAVE_CHANTS 39
public static final int STAT_SAVE_COLD 9
public static final int STAT_SAVE_DETECTION 29
public static final int STAT_SAVE_DISEASE 20
public static final int STAT_SAVE_ELECTRIC 16
public static final int STAT_SAVE_FIRE 8
public static final int STAT_SAVE_GAS 11
public static final int STAT_SAVE_GENERAL 13
public static final int STAT_SAVE_JUSTICE 14
public static final int STAT_SAVE_MAGIC 19
public static final int STAT_SAVE_MIND 12
public static final int STAT_SAVE_OVERLOOKING 30
public static final int STAT_SAVE_PARALYSIS 7
public static final int STAT_SAVE_PIERCE 34
public static final int STAT_SAVE_POISON 17
public static final int STAT_SAVE_PRAYERS 37
public static final int STAT_SAVE_SLASH 35
public static final int STAT_SAVE_SONGS 38
public static final int STAT_SAVE_SPELLS 36
public static final int STAT_SAVE_TRAPS 21
public static final int STAT_SAVE_UNDEAD 18
public static final int STAT_SAVE_WATER 10
public static final int STAT_STRENGTH 0
public static final int STAT_WEIGHTADJ 32
public static final int STAT_WISDOM 5
public static final int VALUE_ALLSTATS_DEFAULT 10

public static final int CLANSTATUS_ACTIVE 0
public static final int CLANSTATUS_FADING 2
public static final int CLANSTATUS_PENDING 1
public static final int REL_ALLY 4
public static final int REL_FRIENDLY 3
public static final int REL_HOSTILE 2
public static final int REL_NEUTRAL 0
public static final int REL_WAR 1
public static final int VSTAT_FAILED 1
public static final int VSTAT_PASSED 2
public static final int VSTAT_STARTED 0

public static final int NUM_WEATHER 13
public static final int WEATHER_BLIZZARD 9
public static final int WEATHER_CLEAR 0
public static final int WEATHER_CLOUDY 1
public static final int WEATHER_DROUGHT 11
public static final int WEATHER_DUSTSTORM 10
public static final int WEATHER_HAIL 6
public static final int WEATHER_HEAT_WAVE 7
public static final int WEATHER_RAIN 3
public static final int WEATHER_SLEET 8
public static final int WEATHER_SNOW 5
public static final int WEATHER_THUNDERSTORM 4
public static final int WEATHER_TICK_DOWN 150
public static final int WEATHER_WINDY 2
public static final int WEATHER_WINTER_COLD 12

public static final int MAJOR_MASK 2147482624
public static final int MASK_ALWAYS 65536
public static final int MASK_CHANNEL 1048576
public static final int MASK_CNTRLMSG 4194304
public static final int MASK_DELICATE 262144
public static final int MASK_EYES 8192
public static final int MASK_HANDS 2048
public static final int MASK_INTERMSG 8388608
public static final int MASK_MAGIC 131072
public static final int MASK_MALICIOUS 524288
public static final int MASK_MOUTH 16384
public static final int MASK_MOVE 4096
public static final int MASK_OPTIMIZE 2097152
public static final int MASK_SOUND 32768
public static final int MINOR_MASK 2047
public static final int MSG_ACTIVATE 2135
public static final int MSG_ADVANCE 561213
public static final int MSG_AREAAFFECT 65537
public static final int MSG_ATTACKMISS 39034
public static final int MSG_BID 51298
public static final int MSG_BORROW 2143
public static final int MSG_BRINGTOLIFE 65633
public static final int MSG_BUY 51213
public static final int MSG_CAST 182300
public static final int MSG_CAST_ATTACK_SOMANTIC_SPELL 657436
public static final int MSG_CAST_ATTACK_VERBAL_SPELL 704540
public static final int MSG_CAST_MALICIOUS 706588
public static final int MSG_CAST_SOMANTIC_SPELL 133148
public static final int MSG_CAST_VERBAL_SPELL 180252
public static final int MSG_CLANEVENT 65635
public static final int MSG_CLOSE 2054
public static final int MSG_COLLISION 36980
public static final int MSG_COMMAND 4259960
public static final int MSG_COMMANDFAIL 65655
public static final int MSG_COMMANDREJECT 65668
public static final int MSG_CONTEMPLATE 65644
public static final int MSG_DAMAGE 65618
public static final int MSG_DEACTIVATE 2136
public static final int MSG_DEATH 98367
public static final int MSG_DELICATE_HANDS_ACT 268306
public static final int MSG_DELICATE_SMALL_HANDS_ACT 264210
public static final int MSG_DEPOSIT 2112
public static final int MSG_DIG 39015
public static final int MSG_DISMOUNT 36916
public static final int MSG_DISPOSSESS 106
public static final int MSG_DRINK 18487
public static final int MSG_DROP 2063
public static final int MSG_DUELCHALLENGE 49253
public static final int MSG_DUELLOSS 102518
public static final int MSG_EAT 18462
public static final int MSG_EAT_GROUND 16414
public static final int MSG_EMOTE 34882
public static final int MSG_ENHANCE 2162
public static final int MSG_ENTER 36895
public static final int MSG_EXAMINE 8284
public static final int MSG_EXPIRE 65630
public static final int MSG_EXTINGUISH 2122
public static final int MSG_FILL 38929
public static final int MSG_FLEE 36901
public static final int MSG_FOLLOW 65568
public static final int MSG_GET 2056
public static final int MSG_GIVE 2060
public static final int MSG_GRAVITY 4230
public static final int MSG_HANDS 2104
public static final int MSG_HEALING 65619
public static final int MSG_HOLD 2068
public static final int MSG_HUH 65632
public static final int MSG_INSTALL 2163
public static final int MSG_KNOCK 34893
public static final int MSG_LEAVE 36897
public static final int MSG_LEGALSTATE 4194439
public static final int MSG_LEGALWARRANT 4194406
public static final int MSG_LEVEL 65627
public static final int MSG_LIST 49181
public static final int MSG_LOCK 2058
public static final int MSG_LOGIN 65626
public static final int MSG_LOOK 8216
public static final int MSG_LOOK_EXITS 8302
public static final int MSG_MOUNT 36915
public static final int MSG_NOFOLLOW 65574
public static final int MSG_NOISE 32794
public static final int MSG_NOISYMOVEMENT 38933
public static final int MSG_OK_ACTION 98357
public static final int MSG_OK_VISUAL 65590
public static final int MSG_OPEN 2053
public static final int MSG_ORDER 49245
public static final int MSG_PANIC 36936
public static final int MSG_POSSESS 105
public static final int MSG_POUR 39021
public static final int MSG_POWERCURRENT 65643
public static final int MSG_PRACTICE 38990
public static final int MSG_PREINVOKE 65640
public static final int MSG_PULL 2051
public static final int MSG_PUSH 2050
public static final int MSG_PUT 2055
public static final int MSG_QUIETMOVEMENT 6166
public static final int MSG_QUIT 65603
public static final int MSG_READ 8217
public static final int MSG_REBUKE 49212
public static final int MSG_RECALL 32772
public static final int MSG_RELOAD 2133
public static final int MSG_REMOVE 2128
public static final int MSG_REPAIR 2161
public static final int MSG_RETIRE 65606
public static final int MSG_RETREAT 36935
public static final int MSG_REWRITE 2174
public static final int MSG_ROOMRESET 65620
public static final int MSG_SELL 51214
public static final int MSG_SERVE 49211
public static final int MSG_SHUTDOWN 65604
public static final int MSG_SIT 4131
public static final int MSG_SITMOVE 4172
public static final int MSG_SLEEP 4130
public static final int MSG_SNIFF 86
public static final int MSG_SPEAK 49179
public static final int MSG_STAND 4132
public static final int MSG_STARTUP 65666
public static final int MSG_TEACH 55375
public static final int MSG_TELL 65611
public static final int MSG_THIEF_ACT 268334
public static final int MSG_THINK 129
public static final int MSG_THROW 34889
public static final int MSG_TRAVEL 36992
public static final int MSG_UNLOAD 2148
public static final int MSG_UNLOCK 2057
public static final int MSG_VALUE 51219
public static final int MSG_VIEW 49221
public static final int MSG_WASREAD 8319
public static final int MSG_WEAPONATTACK 563223
public static final int MSG_WEAR 2064
public static final int MSG_WEATHER 104571
public static final int MSG_WIELD 2059
public static final int MSG_WITHDRAW 2113
public static final int MSG_WRITE 2087
public static final int MSG_WROTE 65661
public static final int MSK_CAST 182272
public static final int MSK_CAST_MALICIOUS 706560
public static final int MSK_CAST_MALICIOUS_SOMANTIC 657408
public static final int MSK_CAST_MALICIOUS_VERBAL 704512
public static final int MSK_CAST_SOMANTIC 133120
public static final int MSK_CAST_VERBAL 180224
public static final int MSK_HAGGLE 51200
public static final int MSK_MALICIOUS_MOVE 561152
public static final int NO_EFFECT 0
public static final int TYP_ACID 47
public static final int TYP_ACTIVATE 87
public static final int TYP_ADVANCE 61
public static final int TYP_AREAAFFECT 1
public static final int TYP_AROMA 117
public static final int TYP_ATTACKMISS 122
public static final int TYP_BID 98
public static final int TYP_BORROW 95
public static final int TYP_BUY 13
public static final int TYP_CAST_SPELL 28
public static final int TYP_CHANNEL 2000
public static final int TYP_CLANEVENT 99
public static final int TYP_CLOSE 6
public static final int TYP_COLD 41
public static final int TYP_COLLISION 116
public static final int TYP_COMMAND 120
public static final int TYP_COMMANDFAIL 119
public static final int TYP_COMMANDREJECT 132
public static final int TYP_CONTEMPLATE 108
public static final int TYP_DAMAGE 82
public static final int TYP_DEACTIVATE 88
public static final int TYP_DEATH 63
public static final int TYP_DELICATE_HANDS_ACT 18
public static final int TYP_DEPOSIT 64
public static final int TYP_DIG 103
public static final int TYP_DISEASE 62
public static final int TYP_DISMOUNT 52
public static final int TYP_DISPOSSESS 106
public static final int TYP_DRINK 55
public static final int TYP_DROP 15
public static final int TYP_DUELCHALLENGE 101
public static final int TYP_DUELLOSS 118
public static final int TYP_EAT 30
public static final int TYP_ELECTRIC 48
public static final int TYP_EMOTE 66
public static final int TYP_ENHANCE 114
public static final int TYP_ENTER 31
public static final int TYP_EXAMINE 92
public static final int TYP_EXPCHANGE 81
public static final int TYP_EXPIRE 94
public static final int TYP_EXTINGUISH 74
public static final int TYP_FACTIONCHANGE 89
public static final int TYP_FILL 17
public static final int TYP_FIRE 40
public static final int TYP_FLEE 37
public static final int TYP_FOLLOW 32
public static final int TYP_GAS 43
public static final int TYP_GENERAL 45
public static final int TYP_GET 8
public static final int TYP_GIVE 12
public static final int TYP_GRAVITY 134
public static final int TYP_HANDS 56
public static final int TYP_HEALING 83
public static final int TYP_HOLD 20
public static final int TYP_HUH 96
public static final int TYP_INSTALL 115
public static final int TYP_ITEMGENERATED 121
public static final int TYP_ITEMSGENERATED 124
public static final int TYP_JUSTICE 46
public static final int TYP_KNOCK 77
public static final int TYP_LASER 111
public static final int TYP_LEAVE 33
public static final int TYP_LEGALSTATE 135
public static final int TYP_LEGALWARRANT 102
public static final int TYP_LEVEL 91
public static final int TYP_LIFE 97
public static final int TYP_LIST 29
public static final int TYP_LOCK 10
public static final int TYP_LOGIN 90
public static final int TYP_LOOK 24
public static final int TYP_LOOK_EXITS 110
public static final int TYP_MIND 44
public static final int TYP_MOUNT 51
public static final int TYP_NOFOLLOW 38
public static final int TYP_NOISE 26
public static final int TYP_NOISYMOVEMENT 21
public static final int TYP_OK_ACTION 53
public static final int TYP_OK_VISUAL 54
public static final int TYP_OPEN 5
public static final int TYP_ORDER 93
public static final int TYP_PANIC 72
public static final int TYP_PARALYZE 57
public static final int TYP_POISON 49
public static final int TYP_POSSESS 105
public static final int TYP_POUR 109
public static final int TYP_POWERCURRENT 107
public static final int TYP_PRACTICE 78
public static final int TYP_PREINVOKE 104
public static final int TYP_PULL 3
public static final int TYP_PUSH 2
public static final int TYP_PUT 7
public static final int TYP_QUIETMOVEMENT 22
public static final int TYP_QUIT 67
public static final int TYP_READ 25
public static final int TYP_REBUKE 60
public static final int TYP_RECALL 4
public static final int TYP_RECIPELEARNED 133
public static final int TYP_RELOAD 85
public static final int TYP_REMOVE 80
public static final int TYP_REPAIR 113
public static final int TYP_RETIRE 70
public static final int TYP_RETREAT 71
public static final int TYP_REWRITE 126
public static final int TYP_ROOMRESET 84
public static final int TYP_RPXPCHANGE 131
public static final int TYP_SELL 14
public static final int TYP_SERVE 59
public static final int TYP_SHUTDOWN 68
public static final int TYP_SIT 35
public static final int TYP_SITMOVE 76
public static final int TYP_SLEEP 34
public static final int TYP_SNIFF 86
public static final int TYP_SONIC 112
public static final int TYP_SPEAK 27
public static final int TYP_STAND 36
public static final int TYP_STARTUP 130
public static final int TYP_TEACH 79
public static final int TYP_TELL 75
public static final int TYP_THINK 129
public static final int TYP_THROW 73
public static final int TYP_TRAVEL 128
public static final int TYP_UNDEAD 50
public static final int TYP_UNLOAD 100
public static final int TYP_UNLOCK 9
public static final int TYP_VALUE 19
public static final int TYP_VIEW 69
public static final int TYP_WAND_USE 58
public static final int TYP_WASREAD 127
public static final int TYP_WATER 42
public static final int TYP_WEAPONATTACK 23
public static final int TYP_WEAR 16
public static final int TYP_WEATHER 123
public static final int TYP_WIELD 11
public static final int TYP_WITHDRAW 65
public static final int TYP_WRITE 39
public static final int TYP_WROTE 125

public static final int STAT_BIRTHS 7
public static final int STAT_CLASSCHANGE 9
public static final int STAT_DEATHS 4
public static final int STAT_DIVORCES 8
public static final int STAT_LEVELSGAINED 3
public static final int STAT_LOGINS 0
public static final int STAT_MARRIAGES 6
public static final int STAT_NEWPLAYERS 2
public static final int STAT_PKDEATHS 5
public static final int STAT_PURGES 10
public static final int STAT_QUESTACCEPTED 5
public static final int STAT_QUESTDROPPED 8
public static final int STAT_QUESTFAILED 6
public static final int STAT_QUESTFAILEDSTART 1
public static final int STAT_QUESTSTARTATTEMPT 9
public static final int STAT_QUESTSTOP 4
public static final int STAT_QUESTSUCCESS 7
public static final int STAT_QUESTTIMESTART 2
public static final int STAT_QUESTTIMESTOP 3
public static final int STAT_SKILLUSE 11
public static final int STAT_SPECIAL_NUMONLINE 1000
public static final int STAT_TICKSONLINE 1
public static final int STAT_TOTAL 12

public static final long IFLAG_CUSTOMTICK 4L
public static final long IFLAG_IGNOREAUTO 1L
public static final long IFLAG_NEVERSAVE 2L
public static final int TAG_ABILITY_ 14
public static final int TAG_AFFBEHAV_ 18
public static final int TAG_AUTOCHOICES 8
public static final int TAG_AUTODEFAULTS 7
public static final int TAG_CHANGE_ 13
public static final int TAG_CHOICEINTRO 9
public static final int TAG_DEFAULT 6
public static final int TAG_EDITALONE 5
public static final int TAG_EXPERIENCE 11
public static final int TAG_FACTOR_ 15
public static final int TAG_MAXIMUM 2
public static final int TAG_MINIMUM 1
public static final int TAG_NAME 0
public static final int TAG_RANGE_ 12
public static final int TAG_RATEMODIFIER 10
public static final int TAG_REACTION_ 19
public static final int TAG_RELATION_ 16
public static final int TAG_SCOREDISPLAY 3
public static final int TAG_SHOWINFACTIONSCMD 17
public static final int TAG_SPECIALREPORTED 4
public static final int TAG_USELIGHTREACTIONS 20

public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_ADD 6
public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_AWAY 7
public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_DOWN 1
public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_MAXIMUM 4
public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_MINIMUM 3
public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_OPPOSITE 2
public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_REMOVE 5
public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_TOWARD 8
public static final int CHANGE_DIRECTION_UP 0

public static final long ATTRIBUTE_PROTECTED 1L
public static final long ATTRIBUTE_STUCKY 2L

public static final int BIT_CRIMEFLAGS 1
public static final int BIT_CRIMELOCS 0
public static final int BIT_CRIMENAME 2
public static final int BIT_NUMBITS 5
public static final int BIT_SENTENCE 3
public static final int BIT_WARNMSG 4
public static final int MSG_COPKILLER 12
public static final int MSG_EXECUTE 3
public static final int MSG_LAWFREE 10
public static final int MSG_NORESIST 7
public static final int MSG_PAROLEDISMISS 9
public static final int MSG_PREVOFF 0
public static final int MSG_PROTECTEDMASK 4
public static final int MSG_RESIST 11
public static final int MSG_RESISTFIGHT 6
public static final int MSG_RESISTWARN 8
public static final int MSG_THREAT 2
public static final int MSG_TOTAL 13
public static final int MSG_TRESPASSERMASK 5
public static final int MSG_WARNING 1
public static final int PUNISHMENT_EXECUTE 10
public static final int PUNISHMENT_HIGHEST 10
public static final int PUNISHMENT_JAIL1 6
public static final int PUNISHMENT_JAIL2 7
public static final int PUNISHMENT_JAIL3 8
public static final int PUNISHMENT_JAIL4 9
public static final int PUNISHMENT_MASK 255
public static final int PUNISHMENT_PAROLE1 2
public static final int PUNISHMENT_PAROLE2 3
public static final int PUNISHMENT_PAROLE3 4
public static final int PUNISHMENT_PAROLE4 5
public static final int PUNISHMENT_THREATEN 1
public static final int PUNISHMENT_WARN 0
public static final int PUNISHMENTMASK_BANISH 32768
public static final int PUNISHMENTMASK_DETAIN 1024
public static final int PUNISHMENTMASK_FINE 2048
public static final int PUNISHMENTMASK_NORELEASE 4096
public static final int PUNISHMENTMASK_PUNISHCAP 8192
public static final int PUNISHMENTMASK_SEPARATE 256
public static final int PUNISHMENTMASK_SHAME 16384
public static final int PUNISHMENTMASK_SKIPTRIAL 512
public static final int STATE_ARRESTING 1
public static final int STATE_BANISHING 13
public static final int STATE_DETAINING 12
public static final int STATE_EXECUTING 8
public static final int STATE_JAILING 7
public static final int STATE_MOVING 3
public static final int STATE_MOVING2 9
public static final int STATE_MOVING3 11
public static final int STATE_MOVING4 14
public static final int STATE_PAROLING 6
public static final int STATE_RELEASE 10
public static final int STATE_REPORTING 4
public static final int STATE_SEEKING 0
public static final int STATE_SUBDUEING 2
public static final int STATE_WAITING 5

public static final long ALLMASK 2147483647L
public static final int CAN_GRUNT_WHEN_STUPID 2097152
public static final int CAN_NOT_AUTO_ATTACK 524288
public static final int CAN_NOT_BE_CAMPED 1048576
public static final int CAN_NOT_BREATHE 16384
public static final int CAN_NOT_HEAR 512
public static final int CAN_NOT_MOVE 1024
public static final int CAN_NOT_SEE 1
public static final int CAN_NOT_SMELL 2048
public static final int CAN_NOT_SPEAK 8192
public static final int CAN_NOT_TASTE 4096
public static final int CAN_NOT_THINK 131072
public static final int CAN_NOT_TRACK 262144
public static final int CAN_SEE_BONUS 64
public static final int CAN_SEE_DARK 128
public static final int CAN_SEE_EVIL 8
public static final int CAN_SEE_GOOD 16
public static final int CAN_SEE_HIDDEN 2
public static final int CAN_SEE_HIDDEN_ITEMS 4194304
public static final int CAN_SEE_INFRARED 256
public static final int CAN_SEE_INVISIBLE 4
public static final int CAN_SEE_METAL 65536
public static final int CAN_SEE_SNEAKERS 32
public static final int CAN_SEE_VICTIM 32768
public static final int IS_BONUS 64
public static final int IS_BOUND 131072
public static final int IS_CATALOGED 1048576
public static final int IS_CLIMBING 16384
public static final int IS_CLOAKED 262144
public static final int IS_CUSTOM 4194304
public static final int IS_DARK 128
public static final int IS_EVIL 8
public static final int IS_FALLING 32768
public static final int IS_FLYING 2048
public static final int IS_GLOWING 8192
public static final int IS_GOLEM 256
public static final int IS_GOOD 16
public static final int IS_HIDDEN 2
public static final int IS_INVISIBLE 4
public static final int IS_LIGHTSOURCE 65536
public static final int IS_NOT_SEEN 1
public static final int IS_SITTING 1024
public static final int IS_SLEEPING 512
public static final int IS_SNEAKING 32
public static final int IS_SWIMMING 4096
public static final int IS_UNATTACKABLE 2097152
public static final int IS_UNSAVABLE 524288
public static final int NO_REJUV 2147483647
public static final int NUM_STATS 10
public static final int SENSE_ALWAYSCOMPRESSED 32768
public static final int SENSE_CONTENTSUNSEEN 128
public static final int SENSE_INSIDEACCESSIBLE 131072
public static final int SENSE_ITEMNOAUTOWEAR 256
public static final int SENSE_ITEMNODROP 32
public static final int SENSE_ITEMNOMAXRANGE 4
public static final int SENSE_ITEMNOMINRANGE 2
public static final int SENSE_ITEMNOREMOVE 64
public static final int SENSE_ITEMNORUIN 8192
public static final int SENSE_ITEMNOTGET 16
public static final int SENSE_ITEMNOWISH 16384
public static final int SENSE_ITEMREADABLE 8
public static final int SENSE_ROOMCRUNCHEDIN 256
public static final int SENSE_ROOMGRIDSYNC 4096
public static final int SENSE_ROOMNOMOVEMENT 1024
public static final int SENSE_ROOMUNEXPLORABLE 512
public static final int SENSE_ROOMUNMAPPABLE 2048
public static final int SENSE_UNCAMPABLE 1048576
public static final int SENSE_UNDESTROYABLE 65536
public static final int SENSE_UNLOCATABLE 1
public static final int STAT_ABILITY 8
public static final int STAT_ARMOR 2
public static final int STAT_ATTACK 4
public static final int STAT_DAMAGE 3
public static final int STAT_DISPOSITION 5
public static final int STAT_HEIGHT 9
public static final int STAT_LEVEL 0
public static final int STAT_REJUV 6
public static final int STAT_SENSES 1
public static final int STAT_WEIGHT 7

public static final int BIRTHDEX_DAY 0
public static final int BIRTHDEX_LASTYEARCELEBRATED 3
public static final int BIRTHDEX_MONTH 1
public static final int BIRTHDEX_YEAR 2
public static final long HYGIENE_COMMONDIRTY 2L
public static final long HYGIENE_DELIMIT 5000L
public static final long HYGIENE_FIGHTDIRTY 1L
public static final long HYGIENE_RAINCLEAN -100L
public static final long HYGIENE_WATERCLEAN -1000L
public static final int REPLY_SAY 0
public static final int REPLY_TELL 2
public static final int REPLY_YELL 1

public static final int FLAG_ABSTAIN 4
public static final int FLAG_ACTIVE 1
public static final int FLAG_HIDERESULTS 16
public static final int FLAG_NOTATLOGIN 32
public static final int FLAG_PREVIEWRESULTS 2
public static final int FLAG_VOTEBYIP 8

public static final int FLAG_SUSPENDED 1
public static final int SPAWN_ANY 2
public static final int SPAWN_FIRST 1
public static final int SPAWN_NO 0

public static final int CONNECTOR_AND 0
public static final int CONNECTOR_ANDNOT 3
public static final int CONNECTOR_NOT 2
public static final int CONNECTOR_OR 1
public static final int CONNECTOR_ORNOT 4
public static final int GSTATADD_CLAN 1
public static final int GSTATADD_CLANROLE 2
public static final int GSTATADD_DEITY 0
public static final int GSTATADD_STINK 3
public static final int SIGN_EQGT 5
public static final int SIGN_EQLT 6
public static final int SIGN_EQUL 0
public static final int SIGN_GRAT 2
public static final int SIGN_GTEQ 1
public static final int SIGN_LEST 3
public static final int SIGN_LTEQ 4
public static final int SIGN_NTEQ 7
public static final int SPECIAL_9SHOPHASPRICE 9
public static final int SPECIAL_NUM_OBJECTS 12
public static final int SPECIAL_RANDANYONE 11
public static final int SPECIAL_RANDPC 10

public static final int MAX_PREVMSGS 100
public static final char MSDP_ARRAY_CLOSE 6
public static final char MSDP_ARRAY_OPEN 5
public static final java.lang.String MSDP_CHARSET "US-ASCII"
public static final char MSDP_TABLE_CLOSE 4
public static final char MSDP_TABLE_OPEN 3
public static final char MSDP_VAL 2
public static final char MSDP_VAR 1
public static final int TELNET_AARD 102
public static final int TELNET_ANSI 253
public static final int TELNET_ATCP 200
public static final int TELNET_AYT 246
public static final int TELNET_BINARY 0
public static final int TELNET_COMPRESS 85
public static final int TELNET_COMPRESS2 86
public static final int TELNET_DO 253
public static final int TELNET_DONT 254
public static final int TELNET_EC 247
public static final int TELNET_ECHO 1
public static final int TELNET_GA 249
public static final int TELNET_GMCP 201
public static final int TELNET_IAC 255
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE 34
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_MODE 1
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_MODEMASK_ACK 4
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_MODEMASK_EDIT 1
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_MODEMASK_TRAPSIG 2
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC 3
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_ACK 128
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_AO 4
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_AYT 5
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_BRK 2
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_CANTCHANGE 1
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_DEFAULT 3
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_EOF 8
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_EOR 6
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_IP 3
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_NOSUPPORT 0
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_SUSP 9
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_VALUE 2
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_XOFF 16
public static final int TELNET_LINEMODE_SLC_XON 15
public static final int TELNET_LOGOUT 18
public static final int TELNET_MSDP 69
public static final int TELNET_MSP 90
public static final int TELNET_MSSP 70
public static final int TELNET_MXP 91
public static final int TELNET_NAWS 31
public static final int TELNET_NOP 241
public static final int TELNET_SB 250
public static final int TELNET_SE 240
public static final int TELNET_SUPRESS_GO_AHEAD 3
public static final int TELNET_TERMTYPE 24
public static final int TELNET_TOGGLE_FLOW_CONTROL 33
public static final int TELNET_WILL 251
public static final int TELNET_WONT 252

public static final int DECODE 0
public static final int DONT_BREAK_LINES 8
public static final int ENCODE 1
public static final byte EQUALS_SIGN 61
public static final byte EQUALS_SIGN_ENC -1
public static final int GZIP 2
public static final int MAX_LINE_LENGTH 76
public static final byte NEW_LINE 10
public static final int NO_OPTIONS 0
public static final java.lang.String PREFERRED_ENCODING "UTF-8"
public static final byte WHITE_SPACE_ENC -5

public static final int OPERATION_LIST 3
public static final int OPERATION_OPERATION 2
public static final int OPERATION_PREVIOUSVALUE 4
public static final int OPERATION_VALUE 1
public static final int OPERATION_VARIABLE 0

public static final int FLAG_FORCEALLOW 2
public static final int FLAG_LOGERRORS 1
public static final int VFS_MASK_MASKSAVABLE 7

public static final java.lang.String FORMAT_EMPTY "{EMPTY}"
public static final java.lang.String FORMAT_UNDEFINED "{UNDEFINED}"

protected static final java.lang.String FILTER_PATTERN "%#@*!$&?"

public static final int EQVIEW_DEFAULT 0
public static final int EQVIEW_MIXED 1
public static final int EQVIEW_PARAGRAPH 2
public static final int EXVIEW_BRIEF 3
public static final int EXVIEW_DEFAULT 0
public static final int EXVIEW_MIXED 2
public static final int EXVIEW_PARAGRAPH 1

public static final int JSCRIPT__NO_APPROVAL 0
public static final int JSCRIPT_ALL_APPROVAL 2
public static final int JSCRIPT_REQ_APPROVAL 1

public static final int DOWN 5
public static final int EAST 2
public static final int GATE 6
public static final int NORTH 0
public static final int NORTHEAST 7
public static final int NORTHWEST 8
public static final int SOUTH 1
public static final int SOUTHEAST 9
public static final int SOUTHWEST 10
public static final int UP 4
public static final int WEST 3

public static final long serialVersionUID 43353454350L

public static final int INT_BITS 1073741823
public static final long LONG_BITS 4611686018427387903L
protected static final int NEXT_FLAG 1073741824
protected static final long NEXT_FLAGL 4611686018427387904L
public static final long OPTION_FLAG_LONG 2305843009213693952L

public static final long ITERATOR_TIMEOUT_MS 300000L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final int METAFLAG_AS 16
public static final int METAFLAG_ASMESSAGE 64
public static final int METAFLAG_FORCED 32
public static final int METAFLAG_INORDER 128
public static final int METAFLAG_MPFORCED 1
public static final int METAFLAG_ORDER 2
public static final int METAFLAG_POSSESSED 4
public static final int METAFLAG_SNOOPED 8

public static final char MAIN_HOST 48
public static final long TIME_SAVETHREAD_SLEEP 3600000L
public static final long TIME_UTILTHREAD_SLEEP 600000L

public static final int ALL_CLIMATE_MASK 31
public static final int ATMOSPHERE_INHERIT -1
public static final int CLIMASK_COLD 2
public static final int CLIMASK_DRY 16
public static final int CLIMASK_HOT 8
public static final int CLIMASK_INHERIT -1
public static final int CLIMASK_NORMAL 0
public static final int CLIMASK_WET 1
public static final int CLIMASK_WINDY 4
public static final int NUM_CLIMATES 6

public static final int RIDEABLE_AIR 2
public static final int RIDEABLE_ENTERIN 6
public static final int RIDEABLE_LADDER 7
public static final int RIDEABLE_LAND 0
public static final int RIDEABLE_SIT 3
public static final int RIDEABLE_SLEEP 4
public static final int RIDEABLE_TABLE 5
public static final int RIDEABLE_WAGON 8
public static final int RIDEABLE_WATER 1

public static final int DEAL_ALCHEMIST 11
public static final int DEAL_ANYTECHNOLOGY 14
public static final int DEAL_ANYTHING 0
public static final int DEAL_ARMOR 2
public static final int DEAL_AUCTIONEER 30
public static final int DEAL_BANKER 12
public static final int DEAL_BOOKS 32
public static final int DEAL_BUTCHER 17
public static final int DEAL_CASTER 9
public static final int DEAL_CLANBANKER 23
public static final int DEAL_CLANDSELLER 15
public static final int DEAL_CLANPOSTMAN 29
public static final int DEAL_CSHIPSELLER 26
public static final int DEAL_FOODSELLER 16
public static final int DEAL_GENERAL 1
public static final int DEAL_GROWER 18
public static final int DEAL_HIDESELLER 19
public static final int DEAL_INNKEEPER 24
public static final int DEAL_INSTRUMENTS 31
public static final int DEAL_INVENTORYONLY 7
public static final int DEAL_JEWELLER 10
public static final int DEAL_LANDSELLER 13
public static final int DEAL_LEATHER 6
public static final int DEAL_LUMBERER 20
public static final int DEAL_MAGIC 3
public static final int DEAL_METALSMITH 21
public static final int DEAL_PETS 5
public static final int DEAL_POSTMAN 28
public static final int DEAL_READABLES 33
public static final int DEAL_SHIPSELLER 25
public static final int DEAL_SLAVES 27
public static final int DEAL_STONEYARDER 22
public static final int DEAL_TRAINER 8
public static final int DEAL_WEAPONS 4

public static final long ACCELERATION_DAMAGED 30L
public static final long ACCELERATION_G 1L
public static final long ACCELERATION_INSTANTDEATH 60L
public static final long ACCELERATION_PASSOUT 5L
public static final long ACCELERATION_TYPICALROCKET 2L
public static final long ACCELERATION_UNCONSCIOUSNESS 15L
public static final double ATMOSPHERIC_DRAG_BRICK 0.3
public static final double ATMOSPHERIC_DRAG_STREAMLINE 0.05
public static final double MULTIPLIER_GRAVITY_EFFECT_RADIUS 1.036
public static final double MULTIPLIER_ORBITING_RADIUS_MAX 1.031
public static final double MULTIPLIER_ORBITING_RADIUS_MIN 1.029
public static final long MULTIPLIER_PLANET_MASS 933L
public static final long MULTIPLIER_STAR_MASS 1989000L
public static final long VELOCITY_ESCAPE 680L
public static final long VELOCITY_LIGHT 29979245L
public static final long VELOCITY_ORBITING 770L
public static final long VELOCITY_SOUND 34L
public static final long VELOCITY_SUBLIGHT 26981325L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP1 29979245L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP10 29979245000L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP2 239833960L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP3 809439615L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP4 1918671680L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP5 3747405625L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP6 6475516920L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP7 10282881035L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP8 15349373440L
public static final long VELOCITY_TRANSWARP9 21854869605L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP1 29979245L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP10 2997924500L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP2 119916980L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP3 269813205L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP4 479667920L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP5 749481125L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP6 1079252820L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP7 1468983005L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP8 1918671680L
public static final long VELOCITY_WARP9 2428318845L

public static final int STATUS_AFFECT 1024
public static final int STATUS_ALIVE 7
public static final int STATUS_BEHAVIOR 512
public static final int STATUS_CLASS 2
public static final int STATUS_DEAD 6
public static final int STATUS_END 99
public static final int STATUS_FIGHT 4
public static final int STATUS_MISC 4096
public static final int STATUS_MISC2 8192
public static final int STATUS_MISC3 16384
public static final int STATUS_MISC4 32768
public static final int STATUS_MISC5 65536
public static final int STATUS_MISC6 131072
public static final int STATUS_MISC7 262144
public static final int STATUS_NOT 0
public static final int STATUS_OTHER 98
public static final int STATUS_RACE 3
public static final int STATUS_REBIRTH 8
public static final int STATUS_SCRIPT 2048
public static final int STATUS_START 1
public static final int STATUS_WEATHER 5
public static final int TICKID_AREA 9
public static final int TICKID_BEAMWEAPON 26
public static final int TICKID_CLAN 14
public static final int TICKID_CLANITEM 15
public static final int TICKID_DEADBODY_DECAY 3
public static final int TICKID_ELECTRONICS 22
public static final int TICKID_EMAIL 65552
public static final int TICKID_EXIT_BEHAVIOR 11
public static final int TICKID_EXIT_REOPEN 2
public static final int TICKID_ITEM_BEHAVIOR 1
public static final int TICKID_ITEM_BOUNCEBACK 7
public static final int TICKID_LIGHT_FLICKERS 4
public static final int TICKID_LIVEAUCTION 18
public static final int TICKID_LONGERMASK 256
public static final int TICKID_MISCELLANEOUS 20
public static final int TICKID_MOB 0
public static final int TICKID_PROPERTY_SPECIAL 21
public static final int TICKID_QUEST 13
public static final int TICKID_READYTOSTOP 17
public static final int TICKID_ROOM_BEHAVIOR 8
public static final int TICKID_ROOM_ITEM_REJUV 10
public static final int TICKID_SOLITARYMASK 65536
public static final int TICKID_SPECIALCOMBAT 25
public static final int TICKID_SPECIALMANEUVER 24
public static final int TICKID_SPELL_AFFECT 12
public static final int TICKID_SUPPORT 23
public static final int TICKID_TIMEAUCTION 19
public static final int TICKID_TRAP_DESTRUCTION 6
public static final int TICKID_TRAP_RESET 5

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L
public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final int CHAN_ADD 11
public static final int CHAN_EMOTE 2
public static final int CHAN_LISTEN 13
public static final int CHAN_MESSAGE 1
public static final int CHAN_REMOVE 12
public static final int CHAN_TARGET 3
public static final int CHAN_USER_REP 15
public static final int CHAN_USER_REQ 14
public static final int CHAN_WHO_REP 10
public static final int CHAN_WHO_REQ 9
public static final int ERROR_PACKET 19
public static final int FINGER_REPLY 18
public static final int FINGER_REQUEST 17
public static final int LOCATE_QUERY 7
public static final int LOCATE_REPLY 8
public static final int MAUTH_REPLY 22
public static final int MAUTH_REQUEST 21
public static final int PING_PACKET 20
public static final int SHUTDOWN 16
public static final int TELL 6
public static final int WHO_REPLY 5
public static final int WHO_REQUEST 4

public static final long serialVersionUID 29470415798L

public static final int DELETED 3
public static final int MODIFIED 1
public static final int NEW 2
public static final int UNMODIFIED 0

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final int CHAN_CLOSED 2
public static final int CHAN_COPEN 4
public static final int CHAN_CPRIVATE 5
public static final int CHAN_OPEN 1
public static final int CHAN_PRIVATE 3
public static final int IA_CONFIG1 1
public static final int IA_CONFIG2 2
public static final int IA_NONE 0
public static final int IA_UP 3

public static final int IMC_MAX_KEYS 20

public static final float HOST_VERSION_MAJOR 1.100000023841858f
public static final float HOST_VERSION_MINOR 1.0f
public static final java.lang.String ServerVersionString "CoffeeMud SMTPserver/"

public static final long STATUS_ALLMISCTICKS 258048L

protected static final long SMALL_DEVIATION_WEAR_LOCS 26892L
protected static final long STRANGE_DEVIATION_WEAR_LOCS 364546L

public static final int AMETHYST 12
public static final int AZURITE 1
public static final int BLOODSTONE 2
public static final int DIAMOND 4
public static final int EMERALD 11
public static final int JADE 3
public static final int ONYX 9
public static final int OPAL 6
public static final int PEARL 10
public static final int QUARTZ 0
public static final int RUBY 5
public static final int SAPPHIRE 8
public static final int TOPAZ 7

public static final int DURATION_TICKS 800

public static final int DURATION_TICKS 800

public static final int BRONZE_RING 13
public static final int COPPER_RING 2
public static final int GOLD_RING 0
public static final int GOLD_RING_DIAMOND 4
public static final int GOLD_RING_EMERALD 11
public static final int GOLD_RING_OPAL 6
public static final int GOLD_RING_PEARL 10
public static final int GOLD_RING_RUBY 5
public static final int GOLD_RING_SAPPHIRE 8
public static final int GOLD_RING_TOPAZ 7
public static final int MITHRIL_RING 9
public static final int PLATINUM_RING 3
public static final int SILVER_RING 1
public static final int STEEL_RING 12

public static final int CLUSTERSIZE 3

protected static final java.lang.String CANCEL_WORD "CANCEL"

protected static final int POWER_RATE 4

protected static final int ENVIRO_POWER_CONSUMED 10
protected static final int ENVIRO_TICKS 7

protected static final long LIGHT_TIME 600000L

public static final short LAYERMASK_MULTIWEAR 2
public static final short LAYERMASK_SEETHROUGH 1

public static final int CAGEFLAG_TO_MOB_PROGRAMMATICALLY 1

public static final int CONTAIN_ANYTHING 0
public static final int CONTAIN_BODIES 64
public static final int CONTAIN_CAGED 512
public static final int CONTAIN_CLOTHES 4096
public static final int CONTAIN_COINS 2
public static final int CONTAIN_DAGGERS 8
public static final int CONTAIN_DRINKABLES 2048
public static final int CONTAIN_EATABLES 131072
public static final int CONTAIN_FOOTWEAR 32768
public static final int CONTAIN_KEYS 1024
public static final int CONTAIN_LIQUID 1
public static final int CONTAIN_ONEHANDWEAPONS 32
public static final int CONTAIN_OTHERWEAPONS 16
public static final int CONTAIN_RAWMATERIALS 65536
public static final int CONTAIN_READABLES 128
public static final int CONTAIN_SCROLLS 256
public static final int CONTAIN_SMOKEABLES 8192
public static final int CONTAIN_SSCOMPONENTS 16384
public static final int CONTAIN_SWORDS 4


public static final int MATERIAL_CLOTH 256
public static final int MATERIAL_ENERGY 3328
public static final int MATERIAL_FLESH 2048
public static final int MATERIAL_GAS 3840
public static final int MATERIAL_GLASS 1536
public static final int MATERIAL_LEATHER 512
public static final int MATERIAL_LIQUID 2816
public static final int MATERIAL_MASK 65280
public static final int MATERIAL_METAL 768
public static final int MATERIAL_MITHRIL 1024
public static final int MATERIAL_PAPER 2304
public static final int MATERIAL_PRECIOUS 3072
public static final int MATERIAL_ROCK 2560
public static final int MATERIAL_SYNTHETIC 3584
public static final int MATERIAL_UNKNOWN 0
public static final int MATERIAL_VEGETATION 1792
public static final int MATERIAL_WOODEN 1280
public static final int RESOURCE_ADAMANTITE 1066
public static final int RESOURCE_AGATE 3242
public static final int RESOURCE_AIR 4021
public static final int RESOURCE_ALABASTER 2733
public static final int RESOURCE_ALEXANDRITE 3207
public static final int RESOURCE_ALUMINUM 955
public static final int RESOURCE_AMBER 3153
public static final int RESOURCE_AMETHYST 3151
public static final int RESOURCE_ANTIMATTER 3521
public static final int RESOURCE_APPLES 1807
public static final int RESOURCE_AQUAMARINE 3154
public static final int RESOURCE_ASH 1951
public static final int RESOURCE_ATLANTITE 1185
public static final int RESOURCE_BALSA 1327
public static final int RESOURCE_BAMBOO 1436
public static final int RESOURCE_BANANAS 1917
public static final int RESOURCE_BARLEY 1887
public static final int RESOURCE_BASALT 2705
public static final int RESOURCE_BEANS 1955
public static final int RESOURCE_BEECHWOOD 1420
public static final int RESOURCE_BEEF 2050
public static final int RESOURCE_BERRIES 1808
public static final int RESOURCE_BLACKBERRIES 1908
public static final int RESOURCE_BLOOD 2903
public static final int RESOURCE_BLOODSTONE 3205
public static final int RESOURCE_BLUEBERRIES 1905
public static final int RESOURCE_BONE 2648
public static final int RESOURCE_BOYSENBERRIES 1907
public static final int RESOURCE_BRASS 812
public static final int RESOURCE_BREAD 1898
public static final int RESOURCE_BRONZE 803
public static final int RESOURCE_CACTUS 1814
public static final int RESOURCE_CARP 2199
public static final int RESOURCE_CARROTS 1802
public static final int RESOURCE_CATFISH 2203
public static final int RESOURCE_CEDAR 1417
public static final int RESOURCE_CHEESE 1954
public static final int RESOURCE_CHERRIES 1913
public static final int RESOURCE_CHERRYWOOD 1419
public static final int RESOURCE_CHINA 1602
public static final int RESOURCE_CHLORINE 4026
public static final int RESOURCE_CHROMIUM 942
public static final int RESOURCE_CHRYSOBERYL 3155
public static final int RESOURCE_CITRINE 3243
public static final int RESOURCE_CLAY 1601
public static final int RESOURCE_COAL 2649
public static final int RESOURCE_COCOA 1878
public static final int RESOURCE_COCONUTS 1916
public static final int RESOURCE_COFFEE 2892
public static final int RESOURCE_COFFEEBEANS 1867
public static final int RESOURCE_COPPER 807
public static final int RESOURCE_CORN 1800
public static final int RESOURCE_COTTON 314
public static final int RESOURCE_CRACKER 1899
public static final int RESOURCE_CRANBERRIES 1956
public static final int RESOURCE_CRYSTAL 1604
public static final int RESOURCE_DATES 1815
public static final int RESOURCE_DENIM 456
public static final int RESOURCE_DEUTERIUM 3763
public static final int RESOURCE_DIAMELS 3266
public static final int RESOURCE_DIAMOND 3139
public static final int RESOURCE_DIESEL 3013
public static final int RESOURCE_DILITHIUM 3273
public static final int RESOURCE_DIRT 2765
public static final int RESOURCE_DRAGONBLOOD 2981
public static final int RESOURCE_DRAGONMEAT 2214
public static final int RESOURCE_DRAGONSCALES 944
public static final int RESOURCE_DRINKABLE 2878
public static final int RESOURCE_DURANIUM 959
public static final int RESOURCE_DUST 2669
public static final int RESOURCE_EBONY 2662
public static final int RESOURCE_EGGS 2121
public static final int RESOURCE_ELECTRICITY 3506
public static final int RESOURCE_ELM 1418
public static final int RESOURCE_EMERALD 3240
public static final int RESOURCE_ENERGY 3439
public static final int RESOURCE_FEATHERS 313
public static final int RESOURCE_FIBREGLASS 445
public static final int RESOURCE_FISH 2054
public static final int RESOURCE_FLINT 2587
public static final int RESOURCE_FLOURINE 4024
public static final int RESOURCE_FLOWERS 1891
public static final int RESOURCE_FRESHWATER 2876
public static final int RESOURCE_FRUIT 1806
public static final int RESOURCE_FUNGUS 1998
public static final int RESOURCE_FUR 309
public static final int RESOURCE_GARLIC 1914
public static final int RESOURCE_GARNET 3152
public static final int RESOURCE_GASOLINE 3012
public static final int RESOURCE_GEM 3141
public static final int RESOURCE_GLASS 1599
public static final int RESOURCE_GOLD 805
public static final int RESOURCE_GRANITE 2588
public static final int RESOURCE_GRAPES 1811
public static final int RESOURCE_GREENS 1805
public static final int RESOURCE_HEMP 315
public static final int RESOURCE_HERBS 1889
public static final int RESOURCE_HICKORY 1331
public static final int RESOURCE_HIDE 311
public static final int RESOURCE_HONEY 2910
public static final int RESOURCE_HOPS 1866
public static final int RESOURCE_HYDROGEN 4023
public static final int RESOURCE_IRON 801
public static final int RESOURCE_IRONWOOD 1364
public static final int RESOURCE_IVORY 2663
public static final int RESOURCE_JADE 3104
public static final int RESOURCE_LAMPOIL 2906
public static final int RESOURCE_LAPIS 3204
public static final int RESOURCE_LEAD 802
public static final int RESOURCE_LEATHER 566
public static final int RESOURCE_LEMONS 1810
public static final int RESOURCE_LIMES 1918
public static final int RESOURCE_LIMESTONE 2586
public static final int RESOURCE_LIQUOR 2908
public static final int RESOURCE_MAPLE 1329
public static final int RESOURCE_MARBLE 2590
public static final int RESOURCE_MASK 255
public static final int RESOURCE_MEAT 2049
public static final int RESOURCE_MESQUITE 1424
public static final int RESOURCE_MILK 2888
public static final int RESOURCE_MITHRIL 1065
public static final int RESOURCE_MOONSTONE 3206
public static final int RESOURCE_MUSHROOMS 1888
public static final int RESOURCE_MUTTON 2053
public static final int RESOURCE_NITROGEN 4025
public static final int RESOURCE_NOTHING 0
public static final int RESOURCE_NUTS 1897
public static final int RESOURCE_OAK 1328
public static final int RESOURCE_OBSIDIAN 2589
public static final int RESOURCE_OLIVES 1812
public static final int RESOURCE_ONIONS 1912
public static final int RESOURCE_ONYX 3200
public static final int RESOURCE_OPAL 3149
public static final int RESOURCE_ORANGES 1809
public static final int RESOURCE_OXYGEN 4022
public static final int RESOURCE_PAPER 2368
public static final int RESOURCE_PEACHES 1910
public static final int RESOURCE_PEARL 3142
public static final int RESOURCE_PEPPERS 1804
public static final int RESOURCE_PERFUME 2976
public static final int RESOURCE_PERIDOT 3202
public static final int RESOURCE_PETROLEUM 3011
public static final int RESOURCE_PINE 1326
public static final int RESOURCE_PINEAPPLES 1915
public static final int RESOURCE_PIPEWEED 1902
public static final int RESOURCE_PLASMA 3505
public static final int RESOURCE_PLASTIC 3684
public static final int RESOURCE_PLATINUM 839
public static final int RESOURCE_PLUMS 1911
public static final int RESOURCE_POISON 2907
public static final int RESOURCE_POLYESTER 455
public static final int RESOURCE_PORK 2051
public static final int RESOURCE_POTATOES 1813
public static final int RESOURCE_POULTRY 2052
public static final int RESOURCE_PUMICE 2707
public static final int RESOURCE_QUARTZ 3203
public static final int RESOURCE_RASPBERRIES 1906
public static final int RESOURCE_REDWOOD 1330
public static final int RESOURCE_REED 1452
public static final int RESOURCE_RICE 1801
public static final int RESOURCE_RUBBER 3685
public static final int RESOURCE_RUBY 3239
public static final int RESOURCE_SALMON 2198
public static final int RESOURCE_SALT 2763
public static final int RESOURCE_SALTWATER 2877
public static final int RESOURCE_SAND 2591
public static final int RESOURCE_SANDSTONE 2708
public static final int RESOURCE_SAP 2943
public static final int RESOURCE_SAPPHIRE 3241
public static final int RESOURCE_SCALES 564
public static final int RESOURCE_SEAWEED 1816
public static final int RESOURCE_SHALE 2706
public static final int RESOURCE_SHRIMP 2201
public static final int RESOURCE_SILICON 2758
public static final int RESOURCE_SILK 341
public static final int RESOURCE_SILVER 804
public static final int RESOURCE_SLIME 2996
public static final int RESOURCE_SMURFBERRIES 1909
public static final int RESOURCE_SOAP 1949
public static final int RESOURCE_SOAPSTONE 2709
public static final int RESOURCE_SPICE 1996
public static final int RESOURCE_SPIDERSTEEL 414
public static final int RESOURCE_SPRUCE 1423
public static final int RESOURCE_STEEL 811
public static final int RESOURCE_STONE 2585
public static final int RESOURCE_STRAWBERRIES 1904
public static final int RESOURCE_SUGAR 1885
public static final int RESOURCE_SYCAMORE 1422
public static final int RESOURCE_TAR 3018
public static final int RESOURCE_TEAK 1416
public static final int RESOURCE_TIN 808
public static final int RESOURCE_TITANIUM 956
public static final int RESOURCE_TOMATOES 1803
public static final int RESOURCE_TOPAZ 3150
public static final int RESOURCE_TROUT 2200
public static final int RESOURCE_TUNA 2202
public static final int RESOURCE_TURQUOISE 3201
public static final int RESOURCE_ULTRANIUM 958
public static final int RESOURCE_URANIUM 2752
public static final int RESOURCE_VINE 1890
public static final int RESOURCE_WAX 2152
public static final int RESOURCE_WHEAT 1799
public static final int RESOURCE_WHITE_GOLD 943
public static final int RESOURCE_WILLOW 1421
public static final int RESOURCE_WOOD 1325
public static final int RESOURCE_WOOL 312
public static final int RESOURCE_YEW 1388
public static final int RESOURCE_ZINC 806

public static final int COURSE_STEER_MASK 256

public static final int CLASS_AXE 0
public static final int CLASS_BLUNT 1
public static final int CLASS_DAGGER 9
public static final int CLASS_EDGED 2
public static final int CLASS_FLAILED 3
public static final int CLASS_HAMMER 4
public static final int CLASS_NATURAL 5
public static final int CLASS_POLEARM 6
public static final int CLASS_RANGED 7
public static final int CLASS_STAFF 10
public static final int CLASS_SWORD 8
public static final int CLASS_THROWN 11
public static final int TYPE_BASHING 3
public static final int TYPE_BURNING 4
public static final int TYPE_BURSTING 5
public static final int TYPE_FROSTING 7
public static final int TYPE_GASSING 8
public static final int TYPE_LASERING 11
public static final int TYPE_MELTING 9
public static final int TYPE_NATURAL 0
public static final int TYPE_PIERCING 2
public static final int TYPE_SHOOT 6
public static final int TYPE_SLASHING 1
public static final int TYPE_SONICING 12
public static final int TYPE_STRIKING 10

public static final long HIGHEST_WORN_CODE 1152921504606846976L
public static final long IN_INVENTORY 0L
public static final long WORN_ABOUT_BODY 131072L
public static final long WORN_ARMS 8L
public static final long WORN_BACK 524288L
public static final long WORN_EARS 65536L
public static final long WORN_EYES 32768L
public static final long WORN_FEET 256L
public static final long WORN_FLOATING_NEARBY 4096L
public static final long WORN_HANDS 2048L
public static final long WORN_HEAD 1L
public static final long WORN_HELD 512L
public static final long WORN_LEFT_FINGER 64L
public static final long WORN_LEFT_WRIST 16L
public static final long WORN_LEGS 16384L
public static final long WORN_MOUTH 262144L
public static final long WORN_NECK 2L
public static final long WORN_RIGHT_FINGER 128L
public static final long WORN_RIGHT_WRIST 32L
public static final long WORN_TORSO 4L
public static final long WORN_WAIST 8192L
public static final long WORN_WIELD 1024L

protected static final short AUTO_TICKDOWN 4

protected static final short AUTO_TICKDOWN 4

public static final int EXCEPTIONAL 2
public static final int PLAIN 0
public static final int QUALITY_WEAPON 1

public static final int EXCEPTIONAL 2
public static final int PLAIN 0
public static final int QUALITY_WEAPON 1

protected final java.lang.String RECONFIRMSTR "\n\r^WTry entering ^HY^W or ^HN^W: "

public final int QUEUE_SIZE 100

public final int QUEUE_SIZE 100

public final double PI_ALMOST 3.141591653589793
public final double PI_BY_2 1.5707963267948966
public final double PI_TIMES_2 6.283185307179586
public final int QUADRANT_WIDTH 10
public final double ZERO_ALMOST 1.0E-6

protected static final int PRIDE_TOP_SIZE 10

public static final int LOOTFLAG_LOSS 2
public static final int LOOTFLAG_RUIN 1
public static final int LOOTFLAG_UNWORN 8
public static final int LOOTFLAG_WORN 4

protected static final int LOOK_BRIEFOK 2
protected static final int LOOK_LONG 0
protected static final int LOOK_NORMAL 1

protected static final java.lang.String POST_PROCESSING_STAT_SETS "___POST_PROCESSING_SETS___"

public static final long serialVersionUID 9223372036854775807L

protected static final java.lang.String HEX_DIGITS "0123456789ABCDEF"

public static final char COLORCODE_BACKGROUND 126
public static final char COLORCODE_BANSI256 124
public static final char COLORCODE_FANSI256 35

public static final int TICKS_PER_SHIP_COMBAT 4

public static final java.lang.String JOURNAL_BOUNDARY "%0D^w---------------------------------------------^N%0D"

public static final java.lang.String INDOORSTR " An empty room"
public static final java.lang.String OUTDOORSTR " An empty plot"
public static final java.lang.String RENTSTR " This lot (look id) is for rent on a monthly basis."
public static final java.lang.String SALESTR " This lot is for sale (look id)."

public static final java.lang.String copperStandard "COPPER=1 copper bit(s) (cc);10 silver bit(s) (sc);100 gold bit(s) (gc);500 platinum bit(s) (pc);10000 aluminum bit(s) (ac)"
public static final java.lang.String creditStandard "CREDIT=1 credit(s) (c);1000 megacredit(s) (mc);1000000 gigacredit(s) (gc)"
public static final java.lang.String defaultCurrencyDefinition "=1 gold coin(s);100 golden note(s);10000 whole note(s);1000000 Archon note(s)"
public static final java.lang.String dollarStandard "DOLLAR=1 cent(c) (c);100 dollar($) (mc);100000 grand (k$)"
public static final java.lang.String goldStandard "GOLD=0.01 copper piece(s) (cp);0.1 silver piece(s) (sp);1.0 gold piece(s) (gp);5.0 platinum piece(s) (pp)"

public static final int QM_COMMAND_MASK 127
public static final int QM_COMMAND_OPTIONAL 128

public static final int DEFAULT_PORT 25
public static final int DEFAULT_TIMEOUT 10000
public static final java.lang.String EOL "\r\n"

public static final java.lang.String hexStr "0123456789ABCDEF"

public static final long MILI_DAY 86400000L
public static final long MILI_HOUR 3600000L
public static final long MILI_MINUTE 60000L
public static final long MILI_MONTH 2592000000L
public static final long MILI_SECOND 1000L
public static final long MILI_WEEK 604800000L
public static final long MILI_YEAR 31536000000L

public static final long ROOM_EXPIRATION_MILLIS 2500000L

public static final java.lang.String FILE_XML_BOUNDARY "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>"

public static final int DOMAIN_INDOORS_AIR 133
public static final int DOMAIN_INDOORS_CAVE 130
public static final int DOMAIN_INDOORS_MAGIC 131
public static final int DOMAIN_INDOORS_METAL 135
public static final int DOMAIN_INDOORS_STONE 128
public static final int DOMAIN_INDOORS_UNDERWATER 132
public static final int DOMAIN_INDOORS_WATERSURFACE 134
public static final int DOMAIN_INDOORS_WOOD 129
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_AIR 5
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_CITY 0
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_DESERT 9
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_HILLS 10
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_JUNGLE 7
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_MOUNTAINS 11
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_PLAINS 3
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_ROCKS 2
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_SEAPORT 13
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_SPACEPORT 12
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_SWAMP 8
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_UNDERWATER 4
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_WATERSURFACE 6
public static final int DOMAIN_OUTDOORS_WOODS 1
public static final int INDOORS 128

public static final int ADULT 5
public static final int ANCIENT 8
public static final int BLACK 1
public static final int BLUE 2
public static final int BRASS 5
public static final int BRONZE 7
public static final int COPPER 6
public static final int DRAGONCOLORCOUNT 10
public static final int GOLD 9
public static final int GREEN 3
public static final int HATCHLING 0
public static final int OLD 6
public static final int RED 4
public static final int SILVER 8
public static final int SUBADULT 3
public static final int VERYOLD 7
public static final int VERYYOUNG 1
public static final int WHITE 0
public static final int YOUNG 2
public static final int YOUNGADULT 4

public static final int FEMALE 1
public static final int MALE 0

public static final int CAST_DARKNESS 1
public static final int CHECK_STATUS 129
public static final int FIGHTER_SKILL 128

public static final double MIN_ITEM_BALANCE_DIVISOR 10.0

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_BORROWED 5
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_OVERDUE_DAYS 15
public static final double DEFAULT_MIN_OVERDUE_CHARGE 1.0
public static final double DEFAULT_MIN_OVERDUE_DAILY 1.0
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_OVERDUE_DAYS 3
public static final double DEFAULT_PCT_OVERDUE_CHARGE 0.1
public static final double DEFAULT_PCT_OVERDUE_DAILY 0.1

public static final long AGE_MILLIS_THRESHOLD 120000L

public static final int AGE_ANCIENT 8
public static final int AGE_CHILD 2
public static final int AGE_INFANT 0
public static final int AGE_MATURE 4
public static final int AGE_MIDDLEAGED 5
public static final int AGE_OLD 6
public static final int AGE_TODDLER 1
public static final int AGE_VENERABLE 7
public static final int AGE_YOUNGADULT 3
public static final int BODY_ANTENEA 0
public static final int BODY_ARM 5
public static final int BODY_EAR 2
public static final int BODY_EYE 1
public static final int BODY_FOOT 9
public static final int BODY_GILL 11
public static final int BODY_HAND 6
public static final int BODY_HEAD 3
public static final int BODY_LEG 8
public static final int BODY_MOUTH 12
public static final int BODY_NECK 4
public static final int BODY_NOSE 10
public static final int BODY_PARTS 16
public static final int BODY_TAIL 14
public static final int BODY_TORSO 7
public static final int BODY_WAIST 13
public static final int BODY_WING 15
public static final int GENFLAG_INFATIGUEABLE 32
public static final int GENFLAG_NOCHARM 8
public static final int GENFLAG_NOCLASS 1
public static final int GENFLAG_NOEXP 4
public static final int GENFLAG_NOFERTILE 16
public static final int GENFLAG_NOLEVELS 2
public static final int YEARS_AGE_LIVES_FOREVER 2147483647

public static final int MAX_IMAGE_SIZE 51200

protected static final int AT_MAX_COL 3

public static final int MAX_IMAGE_SIZE 51200

protected static final int AT_MAX_COL 6

protected static final int CLUSTERSIZE 3